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Weekly Skills Update .NET

Software Developer - Leeds
5 ½ years experience with C#, and .NET framework, including MVC, WCF/REST SQL and Azure
Bachelors Degree with Honours in Computer Science
4 week notice period, salary expectations of £42,000

Software Developer - Manchester
1st Class Honours Degree in Software Engineering
6 years .NET Development experience, working with ASP.NET Webforms (some MVC), C#, SQL, Entity Framework, LINQ and SQL Server, for referral and registrar systems.
Salary expectations of £38,000, but is willing to be flexible.

Senior / Lead Developer - Leeds
10+ years C#/.NET Development experience, working to industry best practice such as TDD and continuous integration and deployment.
Senior Software Engineer, with experience of leading an Agile team of 3. 
A reasonable salary expectation of £48,000

Manchester – Software Engineer
2 years Development experience with C#/.NET, Winforms, Webforms and some MVC and referral systems.
Salary expectations of £28,000, on a 4-week notice.
Experience working on financial systems, developing login portals and administrative panels

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