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Weekly Skills Update DevOps

DevOps Engineer  – Leeds
Key Achievements:

- Responsible for creating, maintaining and socialising a new Azure based Kubernetes platform, using Terraform to write infrastructure as code. 
- Used Ansible to install Kubernetes and Puppet to maintain operating system configuration.
- Designed Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines using Docker, Jenkins and Helm 
- AWS/Azure, Ansible, Jenkins, Python, BASH, Ruby, Docker/Kubernetes, Terraform 

DevOps Engineer  – Leeds 
Key Achievements:

- Built a new environment using Terraform as code and ansible. 
- Deploying services into the AWS cloud using micro-serves (Docker) for the application. 
- Linux / Mac / Windows, AWS (10 years experience), PHP, Python, BASH, Ruby

DevOps Engineer  - Leeds  
Key Achievements:

- Built infrastructure using python and BASH as code for a mobile flight app and integrated the platform into AWS cloud platform.
- Built a bespoke platform for a global companies infrastructure, with it being a scalable system that could be used by different departments across the globe.
- AWS, LINUX, Python / BASH, Terraform /Ansible

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