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Skills Update Java

Java Developers across the North West...

Tech Lead - Manchester - £45,000
5 years of Java experience
Experience with Docker, Jenkins and Microservices architecture
Experience with cloud technologies / AWS certified. Mentored teams in the UK and offshore

Java Developer - Manchester - £50,000
Over 10 years of experience in Java and Spring Boot
Front end experience in AngularJS and Javascript
A keen advocate of Test Driven Development (TDD)

Java Developer - Manchester - £55,000
15 years of experience in Java, Spring Boot, and NodeJS
Experience in CI and CD pipelines
Strong front end experience

Full stack developer - Manchester - £40,000
Experience in Java and AWS
Experience in working in an Agile environment
Available immediately

Speak to Conor Parr for more information regarding these candidates 
Call:    0113 468 6711
Meet Conor here

Java Professionals Yorkshire and beyond...

Senior Java Developer – South Yorkshire - £50,000
8 years of commercial Java experience
Java8, Spring Boot, Docker, Microservices
2 weeks notice period and is available to interview at short notice.

Senior Java Developer/ Architect – Leeds - £65,000 - £70,000
Most recent experience architecting and developing systems away from monolithic architecture to a microservices one using Springboot
The recent project improved release and deployment time from 2 weeks to 40 minutes!
•       Available for interview

Lead Java Developer – flexible within Yorkshire - £45,000 - £50,000
8 years of commercial Java experience
Vast experience working within regulated industries / Security expert
Experience with the latest concepts such as Cloud, Microservices and DevOps

Java Developer – Sheffield - £50,000
6 years of commercial Java experience
Most recently worked with technology including Java 8, Spring Boot and Microservices
He is enthusiastic and is keen to learn. He’s passionate about clean code and TDD 

Speak to David Robinson for more information regarding these candidates 
Call:   0113 468 6705
Meet David here...

Below find some of our exclusive contract developers and engineers...

Java Developer – Leeds - £500     

Proficient experience in the financial services and banking sector and has been developing a credit card application for a major Global bank over the past 3 years.
Prior to this, they were working for a major UK bank in which they designed and developed retail online banking solutions
Java 8, Spring MVC, Javascript, Angular, React, REST/SOAP web-services, Agile, TDD.

Embedded Software Engineer – Midlands - £475 per day
This candidate has most recently been working for Sky in Brentford and has been working on the broadband networking project.
Throughout that project, he was working on bug fixing and developing code for the hardware. Prior to that he worked on a networking project for the University of Bristol and was responsible for APIU development for gateway using C, C++, and Linux
C, C++, QT, MySQL, VC++, Agile, SCRUM

DevOps Engineer– Leeds/Manchester - £600 per day
This candidate has been working as a DevOps Engineer for a well known UK bank and been developing CI/CD pipelines and completed a migration of legacy systems to AWS
Prior to that, he was working for a major online retailer and developed an application for the loyalty team which allowed them to build and produce and preview marketing info.
Java 8, SpringBoot, Javascript (React), RabbitMQ, AWS, Docker, Dropwizard, IntelliJ

Speak to Will Feasey for more information regarding these candidates 
Call:   0113 468 6716
Meet Will here...


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