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Wednesday 1st July 2015

We're now a couple of days into the tournament and Wimbledon has high hopes of delivering its largest digital offering ever this year.

By improving their technical infrastructure and outlets, this will enable more and more people to follow all of the action through the widest range of digital devices yet. Wimbledon has been on a journey over the last three years to shift its ‘stuffy image’ and to engage with a wider range of people across more platforms. In 2012 the official Wimbledon website had a re vamp making it more user friendly, and in 2013 they had an iPad enabled app


Wimbledon is experimenting with a number of new technologies this year to further connect with fans. Some of the methods being incorporated include snap chat and ibeacons.


Wimbledon has previously used social media to keep fans up to date with news and winners from the tournament. Wimbledon will have their own snapchat story where snapchat users can upload their own videos and pictures on the day that they attend which is then accessible to snap chat users all over the world. Snap chat is becoming a favourable social media outlet in the same was as twitter with both outlets providing users with regular bite size and engaging content that is easy to digest. On Twitter, the Club’s “Hash tag Wimbledon” campaign will display an icon, starting with a strawberry, alongside the #Wimbledon hashtag. That icon will change as the tournament progresses, while an Instagram campaign called #TakeYourSeat will build a “digital mosaic” of the famous Wimbledon hill from photos sent in by fans.


What are iBeacons?

iBeacon is a new technology created and endorsed by Apple. Using iOS technology from your apple device, iBeacons send notifications to users in certain locations information. Shopping centres are now beginning to incorporate iBeacons to send deals and discounts and information to customers who are in the vicinity, ensuring their message reaches as many of their target customers as possible. For the first time, Wimbledon will also be using iBeacons, which are being used at Southfields and Wimbledon Tube stations, in order to send messages to people who are arriving with directions and useful advice on where to queue via the app.


Wimbledon will use IBM Watson analytics to help improve the experience of fans who are unable to attend the event in person. IBM has already been a partner of Wimbledon for over 25 years, and provides information from the Championships, as well as monitoring social media to inform the players what fans are talking about online. IBM InfoSphere Stream and Watson Engagement Advisor analytical tools will be used to provide Wimbledon fans with real-time match insights and statistics, comparing player performances in 2015 with their performances in past tournaments.

Pretty cool ey?

What tech do you think would enhance your viewing of Wimbledon 2015 or any other sporting events? Now we’re a couple days in, do you think this year’s tech developments have bettered you experience of the tournament?

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