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Friday 28th September 2018

In this blog we hear from one of our most recent recruits to the Amsource Tech team - Will. Here he tells us all about his first months with us, challenges he has faced, what he has enjoyed and more about his market -  Contract Java. Read more below...

After being at Amsource for more than a month now I feel as though it is about time that I share my progress and how it has gone.
I am originally from the quiet, historic City of York and I moved to Leeds in 2015 to study Business with Human Resource Management at Leeds Beckett University. I have worked in Leeds however for about 5 years in hospitality and retail and have always loved the City.

Shortly after graduating I decided to start hunting for jobs and start my research into where I wanted to kickstart my career. I have always enjoyed working with people face to face and enjoyed working the customer side of hospitality and retail so I thought why not apply that into a career where I can utilise my skills and challenge myself.

Through research and asking friends who already work in the recruitment industry I decided it was the right choice for me.

From interviewing at Amsource and hearing about the company’s growth and benefits I didn’t even feel the need to conduct in anymore interviews as I felt that this was a company that really appealed to me.

I specialise in the Java Developer Contract market and I loved the role as soon as I started. I found it difficult at the beginning learning all the different technologies and at first it did go straight over my head but after persistence and research and asking the candidates questions about their work it became easier to understand. One of the best things about working in the software development recruitment industry is people love to talk about their work! The passion from the people I spoke to made the market I was learning about 10X more engaging. 

Another great thing about working in the software development recruitment is whilst you learn more about what each technology does you start to enable yourself to ask more detailed questions meaning you get to find out what the next best app may be or the new features or updates to existing systems that will be released before they are made public which is pretty cool! 

The most challenging thing I have had to face so far is being able to sell candidates to the clients. From working in retail and hospitality it is mainly which is the cheapest or nicest product. In this industry, especially working the contract market, it’s not all about who is the cheapest or who has which skills it’s about project information and who has worked on what and what it does and how it will benefit the client.

Throughout my first month I have had to learn from my mistakes but the whole team has made me feel welcome and have been supportive in every aspect. Whenever I had a question nobody passed me onto someone they made time for me to answer and direct me the best they could which made me feel valued within the company. Throughout the office there is always a positive vibe even when we are working hard to meet deadlines we still have a laugh. 

To summarise my first month at Amsource it has really enabled me to discover how interesting the technology world really is and how the software that the people we speak to everyday really will change lives of millions of people and the fact that I am playing a part of it makes it this job even more exciting. 

Get in touch with will for all contract Java roles across the UK!

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