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Friday 17th July 2015
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Here at Amsource Technology, in our quest to establish ourselves as THE go-to recruitment brand within the Technology sector, we have been working hard behind the scenes on a number of initiatives including our office move and the upcoming launch of our new website mentioned in our earlier blogs.  These ongoing developments have prompted some interesting conversations internally, and also with some of our clients and candidates on the subject of...


The answer invariably, is different for each individual and one of the keys to success for many companies is having a strong brand identity with clear values. With this in place, it is easier to appeal to and attract those individuals who are aligned with your own values.The physical working environment is increasingly important to individuals and offering a work space that meets their needs (and some!) can be a deciding factor for professionals when selecting which company to work for.


Amsource Technology’s longstanding client has really listened to the wants and needs of their employees and has worked hard in creating a physical environment that is fit-for-purpose while also providing areas to regroup and recharge. The result is a top spec office with the latest tech devices, alongside dedicated breakout zones including a ski Lodge, swing chairs and game consoles. These zones actively encourage employees to take a break.  Additionally, they encourage people to get to know one another, with a knock-on effect of increased engagement and enjoyment at work.

Similarly at tech giants such as Google and Facebook, the rule book of a traditional work space has been well and truly torn up, making way for environments designed to inspire creativity, living and breathing the ethos of those companies’ values.Another highly-cited factor was a feeling of belonging and of having a voice within a company. This is closely linked to feeling valued for your contribution. Tailor-made incentives where the reward has been suggested by the team taking part will inevitably have higher levels of engagement than a prize dictated by someone else – watch this space for further details of the Amsource Technology trip to Ibiza in August 2015!!


Working within a hugely competitive market, it is absolutely essential that at Amsource Technology, we are able to offer an environment that people want to be part of. Equally for our Clients, attracting some of the most-in demand skills within Software Development and Software Testing, they are faced with the same challenge. Those who have recognised the need to adapt more importantly, have responded to this need, have benefited through higher retention of employees, increased levels of engagement and increased attractiveness of their businesses to potential employees.

So what makes a good work place for you? Is it about the team environment? What the company has to offer you professionally or a mix of all? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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