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Wednesday 12th August 2015

Are you doing what it takes to be a better-than-average Tester?

The market for Software Testers is becoming increasingly competitive. These days Testers cannot afford to be 'average' to compete against others for roles.

I specialise in the permanent Testing market at Amsource Technology and here are some tips from a Recruitment Consultant’s perspective on how to ensure you stay ahead of the competition:

1. Be proactive
in your learning and “don’t fear the code" Upskill, upskill, upskill! Technology is constantly evolving and your skillset should be too. More and more of our clients are asking for Automation experience and while it’s not necessary for you to code like a Developer, showing that you’re proactive in your learning and up-to-date with technology will make you very desirable. So next time you have a bit of down-time, download an open source test tool like Selenium Webdriver or visit and learn some basic coding and it will go a long way

2. Communicate!
I speak to Testers on a daily basis, and those that elaborate on their answers when I ask and are descriptive in telling me what they do stand out so much more. Good communication skills are a must in interviews as it’s important for Testers to communicate with each other and with other areas of the business on a daily basis, so if you can’t articulate to me what your skills are, your recent project experience, etc. when I ask nicely, then how will you survive an interview?

3. Be passionate.
If you don’t love what you do, how can you expect us to believe that you’re good at it?! Enthusiasm about your job and having the right technical skills supplement each other nicely in an interview and will make you stand out from the crowd.

4. Know where you want to take your career!
Be a Tester because you’re passionate about having a long-term career in testing, not because it’s handy for paying the bills or a stop-gap job. My job is to help you secure a role that’s best suited to what you’re driven by (whether that’s the responsibilities, technologies, company or location) and every candidate is different, so the more I know about your career aspirations, the more I can help and the better suited you will be for my client.

5. This one goes without saying, but be honest. Don’t put “buzz words” in your CV for the sake of it and be honest about your skills and interests during an interview, as it will quickly become apparent if you haven’t been sincere.

What do you think goes in to being a 'good tester'? Tweet us your thoughts @amsourcetech.

Here at Amsource Technology we are currently recruiting for a number of great testing roles, click here to browse our current opportunities.
If you're looking for a new Testing role you can contact Penny on 0113 3570429 for more information.

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