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Wednesday 2nd March 2016
As announced by Salesforce last month, the first class of 2016 Salesforce MVPs has now been revealed! This year’s release see’s 26 new Salesforce MVPs being added to the prestigious community and 48 MVP’s being renewed. 

Having read the announcement published by Holly Goldin in the Salesforce Blog page, it got me thinking; what does it really take to become an MVP? 

In Short, the answer is;

The MVP Program was first rolled out in 2010 and recognizes outstanding Salesforce Community members for their leadership, expertise, and ongoing contributions. These individuals  consistently provide answers to questions and Tweets, contribute to others on our Salesforce Success Community and Developer Forums, write helpful blog posts, lead user groups, submit top ideas, share best practices and much, much more!

Sounds straight forward enough right? Until you dive in a little deeper and look at EXACTLY what an MVP does to earn their place in the community. The average MVP is educated to at least Bachelor’s level, has over 10 year’s industry experience, and is certified to both ADM201 and DEV401 level. On top of this they have posted at least 287 times in the Salesforce Community, have over 500+ connections on linkedin with over 1500 followers on twitter…

Now at this point you might be thinking “that doesn’t sound too difficult” but when you consider that an MVP’s full time job isn’t to write helpful blog posts, spend hours networking and helping colleagues in the many different community forums and spend evening after evening keeping up to date with the world of Salesforce, you begin to realise there’s something else going on here.

The truth is, in order to become an MVP you have to eat, sleep, breath Salesforce, you need to have a genuine passion and love for it in order to fit in all the extra activities required around your career as a Salesforce Professional. Without that, you couldn’t justify spending the hours and hours it takes to selflessly devote yourself to the community, to become a fully-fledged expert in Salesforce and be recognised as an MVP.

So, fancy seeing your name in the next published Salesforce MVP list? 

Let’s see what you’ve got!

Click here to see a list of the MVPs recently announced, make sure you follow their social media accounts to keep up to date with all things Salesforce! 

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