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Monday 10th August 2015

If you have been keeping up to date on our recent blog posts you will be aware that over the past couple of months we have been working on a brand new Amsource Technology website and new branding to work alongside.

Here at Amsource we are passionate about connecting people, talent and opportunity in technology, and our new website aims to emulate this. We have worked closely alongside a talented team of website designers / developers and have collectively designed a brand spanking new state of the art website, geared towards our candidates, current and target clients.

In this blog we will take you through some of the key features of our new website and how our visitors can use them to their advantage.

Easy Peasy…

We understand that when looking for a new role, it can be frustrating rifling through lists of roles on job boards that may not be relevant to you. Therefore we wanted to make it as simple as possible for our candidates to find the roles they are interested in and that are relevant to them quickly and easily.

On the homepage visitors will find a large search bar which will allow them to search for potential roles using a key word, location and sector. This search option will also be present on other pages throughout the website even those which aren’t job focussed, making it easy for our candidates to continue their job search while browsing other areas of the website.

Video content…

We browse a lot of websites to, and we get that sometimes being inundated with written content can sometimes get a little boring. So something we’ve incorporated, and will continue to incorporate in the future is the use of video. Not only will this hopefully be more interesting to you as users of our website, but will also give our candidates and clients a chance to see the people their dealing with at Amsource rather than just a name at the bottom of an email or a voice on the other end of the phone. 

Candidate driven…

Our new website has a new area devoted to our candidates.  On the ‘candidate home’ page, candidates will find helpful tailored advice from our consultants such as videos, blogs, CV tips and interview advice. Over time this area will be further developed so our candidates can be fully advised by our consultants on demand, whenever they want.


When we were planning, we knew we wanted engaging content to be one of the key features for our new site. One of the ways we wanted to do this was through blogs. In our blogs section our visitors will be able to find up to date blogs on a range of different topics, ranging from industry focused news for example: Java development, Agile , Software Testing. Digital news, our own company insight, helpful careers advice to Q&A’s with industry experts. 

We want to hear from you. Visitors to our blogs page have the opportunity to have their say, by sharing it quickly and easily to social media or by leaving their thoughts as a comment under each post.


Another feature we highly recommend our candidates to make use of is the register feature. Here we invite job seekers to register with Amsource Technology so that they are always in the know when relevant opportunities that meet their requirements are live. Job seekers can attach their CV to their profile, or if they’d prefer candidates can now register quickly by linking their registration to their LinkedIn profile or other social media profile. 

By registering with Amsource those searching for a new role can see all their previous applications, jobs they have already viewed and the jobs that are recommended to the job seeker based on previous applications or jobs viewed.


Alongside our desktop site, a mobile enabled site has also been developed. We understand our candidates and clients are busy people and a lot of job searches these days are taken place through smart phones or tablets, on the go. Our new mobile enabled site allows our candidates to browse our website and still make the most of our features no matter what format of method of technology they choose to use, or where they choose to access the site from.

Check it out for yourself…

So we’ve mentioned just some of the features you can find on our new site, why not see for yourself the rest of what it has to offer by having a browse.

Let us know what you think… tweet us @amsourcetech.

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