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Thursday 2nd August 2018
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On Wednesday 25th July we teamed up with BJSS for another Tech//Connect event.

'Breaking down the Blockchain' saw presenter Ana Rotstein (Technical Lead at BJSS) talk in depth about one of the industries hottest topics. Ana took our attendees on journey right from how Blockchain is used, the technology behind it, to some of the exciting ways it will be used in the future.

Catch footage from the event below...

Here's what David, Practice Lead at Amsource Technology had to say about the event...
"Ana presented an insightful talk on the fundamentals of Blockchain and how they can be used in a commercial sense. Ana started with a high level overview and then went into more specifics including topics such as Oracle and Smart Contract. Interestingly she discussed how they are not always the best solution but if used correctly they can offer excellent results compared to traditional methods."

Catch comments from attendees of the event below...

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