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Wednesday 5th April 2017
Sumo Logic, the renowned data analytics firm, recently commissioned UBM to carry out a report on the current state of IT operations and modern application tools in enterprises. The survey sought the views of 235 IT professionals at companies with 500 or more employees.

 “DevOps” and “Cloud Computing” are very much hot topics so it is interesting to get an insight into exactly how many companies are putting them into practice and how.  
In terms of cloud computing 80% of all enterprises surveyed are using public cloud services. The most interesting result to come out of this particular survey is that the most popular cloud vendor used was Azure. AWS has historically been the leading cloud vendor so it is a surprising result. 

Some 66% of respondents stated that they were using Azure as a vendor when surveyed, it is worth to note that some of these respondents had hybrid cloud environments. Interestingly, more than half of the Azure users were from organisations with more than 10,000 employees which suggests that Azure is becoming increasingly popular with large enterprises. AWS came in second with 55% of respondents, followed by Salesforce App Cloud (28%), IBM Cloud (23%) and Google Cloud (20%).

In terms of DevOps adoption 88% of organisations surveyed said they had adopted or planned to adopt DevOps practices. It seems that most organisations are still experimenting with how to implement DevOps with only 11% of respondents actually implementing it throughout the company full time compared to 57% that had implemented DevOps on a limited or trial basis.

This has a direct impact of the frequency of deployment with 42% of those surveyed who had implemented DevOps processes saying they are deploying apps more frequently than in the past compared to 8% of respondents who said they were deploying apps less frequently than in previous years. 

In terms of how quickly development and updates take this produced some interesting figures showing there is still plenty of room for improvement. For the majority (51%), app development takes several months and more than half (55%) are rolling out updates at least once a month or more often, but 3% are still updating apps annually.

It does seem that more and more organisations are starting to use Cloud vendors and implement DevOps processes. The findings in this survey cannot be looked at as a definite result at it only surveyed a handful of people who worked for large scale enterprises. The Azure result is particularly interesting and I would like to see more data from a larger pool of organisations. Whatever the result it is still clear that Cloud and DevOps are very much at the forefront of companies minds. 

Do you think the results of the survey replicate the industry in the North of England? I would be interested to hear your thoughts. 

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