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Monday 16th November 2015
Whilst companies worldwide are doing what they can to embrace technology to enhance customer experience, there seems to be a disconnect in many organisations between customer experience through digital and what is actually being offered in the workplace, behind the scenes to enhance employee experience.

HR magazine have commented on the situation “Have you noticed how some companies focus all their efforts on making the most of digital technologies for their customers but, when you look inside, they have a patchwork of antiquated software packages, devices, and internal ways of working that are fit for a bygone age?”

Of course, creating an excellent customer experience through embracing new digital avenues should be at the forefront of any business development strategy. However, the fact that many business owners are ignoring the need to expand behind the scenes digitally, could have a detrimental effect on business growth.

Recent research by Fujitsu states 55% of employees believe they do not have access to relevant technology in order to do their job.

The research found that 73% of UK employees believe digital is vital to the future success of their organisation but only 45% say they have access to the technology they need.


Employee engagement:
In order for a business to succeed, the employees need to be engaged and they need to have a clear understanding of the company they work for – their vision and values. A company who are committed to delivering a high tech service offering to their customers but have their workers using out of date software could create a conflicting view of the company making employees feel their company values/ mission are superficial.

This in turn impacts the…

Employer brand:
Organisations need to create a business that talent want to work for, after all without the employees – there would be no business, or customers. Employees need to feel like they are being provided with right equipment to do their job to the standard they want.

If the hiring process reveals internal cracks and that the external brand is not matched internally, employees will want to leave and it will also make it hard to recruit more people. 

The two points explained above have a significant influence on…

“When employees can’t work how they want or when they want, and ultimately financial benefits are lost. The workforce notices work tasks take more time and are more onerous than they need to be (unlike our home tasks, which are getting easier).” (HR Magazine)

If a business has a disengaged, demotivated workforce, with a high turnover combined with a difficulty to attract more talent to the business, this will ultimately effect the productivity of the business. Profits will fail, and customer experience will also take a beating.

So the question is…

Why does this conflicting image exist?

Working in a digital world has also brought a number of pressures (it would seem). And this is concerning organisation owners. In research conducted by Vodaphone it was found that businesses fear embracing digital too much in the workplace may create unrealistic expectations from workers that businesses will not be able to manage, for example: flexible working.

Many also fear security risks that could be escalated by the entrance of workplace technology trends such as ‘BYOB – Bring your own device’ where workers use their own devices – laptops, iPad, smartphones to access sensitive work information that many believe could be at greater risk of hacks outside of the working environment.

Many managers also fear that if they rely too much on technology and digital systems, if they fail or malfunction the business will be unable to function without them, causing a potential risk to productivity and overall profitability of the business. Where as on the other hand, if they stick to a hands on approach with minimal digital reliance they believe they can minimise this risk.

Others are not fearful but have the attitude, we have been successful so far without it - why change now? Whilst yes this may be true, the fact more and more businesses are going digital means that it will make it easier to spot the weakest link, those companies who refuse to modify for a digital age will find themselves unable to compete with those businesses that do.

What are your thoughts, do the risks outweigh the benefits? Leave your comments below or tweet us @AmsourceTech.
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