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Wednesday 15th June 2016
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Glassdoor have announced the winners of its annual employee’s choice awards honouring the highest rated CEOs of 2016.

Glassdoor is the world’s most transparent jobs and recruiting market place. The website holds a growing database of more than 12 million, CEO approval ratings, interview reviews, questions and more.

For employees it provides a place to share their experiences of working in a particular environment, good or bad. For job seekers it provides an outlet for them to find out more about a particular company and what it’s actually like to work there, and for good company owners it provides a fantastic marketing platform which showcases all the brilliant things employees have said about their experiences of working within the organisation. (However for other companies who's employees may not have such positive things to say, it can obviously go the other way.)

Unlike any other workplace awards, the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards are based solely on the input of employees who voluntarily provide anonymous feedback, by completing a company review on whether they approve or disapprove of their CEO, along with insight into their job, work environment and employer over the past year.

Employees’ Choice Award winners for the 2016 Highest Rated CEOs in the UK are determined using Glassdoor’s proprietary algorithm, taking into account the quantity and consistency of Glassdoor-approved company reviews shared by UK employees between 2nd May, 2015 and 1st May, 2016. To be considered, employers eligible must have received at least 25 company reviews, including at least 25 CEO approval ratings and at least 25 senior management ratings, during the eligibility period.

The results are in…

 The top five Highest Rated CEOs in 2016 in the UK are:
1. Metro Bank UK’s Craig Donaldson (99 percent approval)
2. PageGroup’s Steve Ingham (99 percent approval)
3. Schuh Limited’s Colin Temple (99 percent approval)
4. Kantar Worldpanel’s Josep Montserrat (99 percent approval)
5. Just Eat’s David Buttress (99 percent approval)

So what makes these CEO’s so good?

Metrobanks were praised by their employees for their no hierachy system, where everybody is treated as equals and the CEO and other senior staff members aren't worried about getting their hands dirty and coming to help other team members.

A CEO who creates a great working environment, embraces interesting technologies and projects were just some of the points put across by employees at Pagegroup, with one quote reading “A brilliantly driven business with an engaging and open senior leadership team, no ivory towers here and a business that is career hungry, driven and talented individuals can thrive in.” 

Where employees at JustEat valued their CEO's strong vision which is transparent and carried through to all employees in the business.

We've mentioned in previous blogs how the market has shifted and that companies are now in more competition with eachother to attract and retain the essential talent to their business. Companies are investing heavily in ensuring their employees have enrichment and are ultimately satisfied in their roles, which is evident from the positive feedback received from the feedback for the companies featured in the top 5.

In comparison those CEOs and companies with extremely bad ratings from employees were criticized for more management, poor communication and not respecting employees personal situation and life outside of work.

What do you think makes a good CEO and a good company to work for? We'd love to get your thoughts on this. Tweet us @AmsourceTech or leave your comments below.

See the full list of the highest rated CEOs here. 

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