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Friday 3rd August 2018

In this post Natasha (Testing specialist at Amsource Technology)  gives her insight to the Software Testing community on how to stand out from the crowd, and get closer to reaching those all important career goals!

We live in a world where the job market only gets tougher and tougher.

Have you found yourself wondering how you can stand out from the rest and get one step closer to your end goals? 

What is it you are seeking in your career?
-Higher pay
-Career progression
-A chance to work with the newest Tech?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

Over the years there has been a massive shift towards what employers look for when recruiting and I’m now going to let you into a little secret…


-Participating in additional training inside or outside of work
-Attending Tech events and being involved with the tech community
-Being a speaker at tech events
-Write your own blogs on your experiences within the Testing world and open up a discussion within your network.

What are the benefits to you?
Better job prospects: Have your pick of the best opportunities at the best companies in the industry
Career prospects: Once you've secure the role you've wanted - get those promotions/ bonuses and climb higher up the ladder
Learning new things, there for increasing your overall performance on a day to day basis: Build your confidence, belief in your ability and surprise yourself on how much you are able to learn about your profession.           
Building relationships/networking with the right people: Connect with the right people who are going to be able to connect you and bring you closer to your goals 

Free resources that you can use:

Code Academy: Is an online academy where you are able to learn coding. Testers who are able to cross train and are also able to develop software are increasing in demand
Open Tech Calendar: a user editable calendar highlighting all tech meet-ups across the UK. Log on and see what events are happening near you!
Ministry of Testing Meet-Up: 'The biggest and most supportive global software testing community'. Head along to one of the MoT's regular testing meet-ups, including Leeds Tester Gathering and meet more testers like you!
Amsource Technology Tech//Connect events: Here at Amsource Technology we hold monthly Tech//Connect events whichh cover a wide range of tech topics. In the past our events have covered, Automation Testing and Performance Testing.

For more information on anything discussed above or for any advise on potential career moves, please don’t hesitate to get in contact on 01134686714 or connect with my on Linkedin here.

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