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Wednesday 2nd September 2015
According to recent research found in 'Dice’s' latest mobility survey the lure of international assignments remains strong for UK technology professionals. 72% of UK based professionals surveyed indicated they would choose an international move over a domestic, if the right opportunity came along.

The USA, Canada and Austrailia top the list in terms of being the most attractive destinations to move for new career opportunities closely followed by the UAE, France and Germany.

Despite the guaranteed better weather, the primary reason in the research for an international move for tech professionals, isn’t highlighted as being financial. Although financial benefits are appealing to tech professionals, 41% of UK based professionals surveyed cited lifestyle related factors such as more of a work / life balance as the main contributing pull factors to those destinations.

Dice’s Marketing Director, Jamie Bowler said ‘Tech professionals fully recognise the highly transferable skills they possess. As a result they are often more open than other professionals to the idea of moving whether to improve their career or their lifestyle.’

You may have read the blog we posted yesterday discussing the digital skills gap being experienced in the UK and further afield, and this in turn is creating an extremely candidate-driven market with companies competing to attract and retain the best technology staff. 

‘Greater pressure is on employers to ensure they have the right culture and working environment in which tech professionals will thrive. Those businesses that have an international footprint should also actively facilitate mobility within the organisation in order to both attract and retain strong tech talent.’ (Dice)

When talking about technology professionals, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that techies rate working for a company that embraces technology and encourages their employees to use different technology as a massive attraction when looking at, and selecting a new role. Yet despite this information being widely known, many companies still aren’t embracing tech enough, which is leaving keen digital workers in search of finding a new role, often in a new country.

It was cited in research reported by 'Snack Nation' that 75% of millennial technology professionals want an engaging and fun workplace, with ‘work perks’ like free food and social events. Companies that fail to create a positive working environment that their employees want to be a part of stand at huge risk of losing their best technology talent to other organisations across the world or in the UK, regardless of the role or salary on offer.

There have been many articles published in recent months about how various destinations in the UK are becoming hubs for the digital community. (Read our blog ‘The north proves winner for tech professionals’).  With significant investment promised by the government for tech start-up companies, Internet of things, and even driverless cars surely the best is yet to come for UK technology professionals for them to up and leave now?

What are your thoughts? What other contributing factors could be swaying tech professionals into an international role? Can the UK compete with the promise of year-round sunshine and perceived better quality of life? Or does moving abroad to work have it's own pitfalls?

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