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Tuesday 9th October 2018

Exciting times ahead for Amsource Technology! We're delighted to announce that we have formed an exciting new partnership with  early stage investment connector - NorthInvest!

Our partnership aims to put people at the centre of everything we do to maximise the value of recruiters in high growth start-ups based in the North. NorthInvest will be prioritising the resources offered by us here at Amsource Technology to better support, scale and advise start-ups in the North.

Our Managing Director Andrew says, ‘Here at Amsource we work to support growing business with one of their most important areas – their people.  The people in any business underpin and drive it’s success, and we have a track record of working with tech businesses to ensure they hire the best people and have the best approach possible in an ever competitive market of talent attraction. 

Support and investment for start up businesses has never been more important.  NorthInvest are providing a fantastic platform to help entrepreneurs have the opportunity to access a network of support to enable them to realise their dreams of building a successful business.

We’re looking forward to working with the entrepreneurs, the investors and NorthInvest  and are excited by the opportunity to work in such an exciting area of business growth.''

Helen Oldham is a Founding Board Director of NorthInvest  and is keen to draw on the resources that the new partnership is offering.

Helen Says, 'We're really enjoying working with the team at Amsource. We have a great deal in common; we're both playing an important role in the tech ecosystem and are equally committed to increasing diversity in the sector. Amsource are helping to solve the talent gap issue for tech start ups with a range of very innovative approaches '

This month has seen NorthInvest go from strength to strength forming vital partnerships that streamline the process of start-ups securing investment. NorthInvest was founded by Prof Adam Beaumont and is on track to be the go to destination for start-ups in need of investment and guidance in the North. With 74 Angels in the network, and rising, their approachable but focussed approach is attracting high quality investors who are committed to helping the North achieve its potential in the tech sector.

We're delighted to be NorthInvest's chosen recruitment partner and we're looking forward to supporting and helping to drive the growth of start-ups in the North!

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