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Thursday 7th April 2016
The recruitment industry has, much like most other industries, changed immeasurably over the last 10 years due to the advancements in technology.

‘Social Recruitment’ is now the big buzz as it seems the whole of the recruitment industry is heading online like it is some sort of mythical pandoras box.

We’ve put our Consultants through some great training from the guys at Social Talent, which you can read on our previous blog here.

Social over kill?

Utilising online platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Github, Stack Overflow etc. are all adding significant value to us recruiters, but I can’t help but feel things have started to move too far to the reliance and dependence on them, particularly LinkedIn.

Linkedin is a great platform, but it is now almost entirely a recruitment database – it’s no longer ‘for professional networking’.

Every day I see posts and discussions about how poor Linkedin is, how people are receiving up to 100 Inmails a day from recruiters etc.  This isn’t good for the users of LinkedIn and it isn’t good for recruiters.

Social tools need to be used to complement your work as a recruiter, not to be relied upon.

For me, and it might seem a little old school, but we need to ensure we are doing more networking, and speaking to the people we want to work within the tech industry more.

Quality over quantity

We should be engaging with content that’s relevant and informative, not sending out Inmail after Inmail or spending our lives searching through company data for hours on end.

As a recruiter you should be out there asking your clients and candidates if they would recommend you to their peers – if you’re doing a good job why wouldn’t they?  If they refuse, you maybe need to have a think about why they won’t.

Online and Social platforms are great to have in the toolbox, but don’t rely on them to do your job for you.

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