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Thursday 14th September 2017

Sam joined Amsource Technology as a Recruitment Consultant in our Leeds office just over a month ago, in this blog he fills us in on his market, his first month, what he has enjoyed and some of the challenges he has faced...

Having been working as a recruitment consultant for just over one month, now is a great time to present an insightful reflection on how it has gone and how I came to be a recruiter. 

Graduating with a degree in Criminology earlier this year, a move into recruitment was not obviously on the cards. I spoke to a number of friends that had found their careers rapidly moving through the recruitment industry. Having played football throughout my teenage years and at University, my competitive nature was seeking a career that would continuously challenge me, personally and professionally. Recruitment, it seemed, was perfect to satisfy this need. 

My desire was to work within a recruitment consultancy that was more than just playing for numbers. I wanted to work for a company that respected its own people, whether that be staff, candidates or clients. From the initial phone call to Luke, who was in the Manchester Office on his own at this point, I knew that Amsource were a company that respected best-practice and process. The size of Amsource Technology meant that I knew the training and focus on my own development would not be lost. I now recruit permanent and contract full stack software developers specialising in a number of technologies. 

My growth in this time has been almost vertical, thanks to the experts who I have been speaking to on a daily basis and have shared their knowledge with me; this has been essential given the fact that IT/Technology has never been an area that I have has much interaction with. The focus from Andrew on our growth, and the wider support from the other consultants has ensured that I have never felt ridiculous asking simple questions, and I have kept a positive frame of mind. I have already now picked up roles to work, and although yet to place any candidates, I am feeling some of the satisfactions as a recruitment consultant.

The team are fantastic to work with and are never too busy to help each other, no matter what time of day. Making mistakes is looked at as a tool for learning which makes the job easier. Andrew has always suggested that a mistake is positive if you learn from it. I am looking forward to getting to know the team even more and developing to help Amsource grow annually to achieve their goals. Despite some of the toughest days I can remember in recent times, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first month at Amsource and I am excited to continue to grow into a successful recruitment consultant within a successful consultancy.

Get in contact with Sam for full stack software development roles across the North : 0113 468 6700 /
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