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Tuesday 25th August 2015
As of this week I have now been working as a recruitment consultant at Amsource Technology for just over a month, so I thought I would give you a little insight into how it's gone so far. 

My role at Amsource Technology is to specialise in the placement of  Microsoft .Net developers. Having never worked in IT recruitment or studied IT I have had to quickly learn all the different technologies that characterise a skilled .Net developer. This has been a challenge but one I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Throughout my first month I have spoken to many interesting candidates on our database and on job boards to continue to help build my knowledge of the market. 

My reason for choosing to become a recruitment consultant lies in my previous working experience. Before and throughout university I worked as a technology sales consultant for a large high-street retailer. Having excelled in that role I needed a new challenge that would push me further, use my skills to greater effect and help me reach my true potential. I believe that recruitment is the career that can offer me this.

I have really enjoyed my first month working for Amsource Technology due to its positive and friendly working environment. I am undergoing an extensive training programme designed to match the rate of my development and which pushes me further every week. 'There are no stupid questions' a philosophy Andrew drives into all of his employees, which makes me confident to know I have his backing whenever I may be struggling.

My first month has gone so fast and I expect many more to fly by as I endeavor to become a recognised .Net recruitment consultant.

For all .Net contract roles feel free to get in contact with Richard: / 0113 357 0444.

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