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Thursday 6th August 2015
Tags: Java, Report

The people over at RebelLabs have just finished compiling their 2015 Java Developer Productivity Report and I have had a read and picked out some interesting results. In total 1562 Java Developers located throughout the world participated in the report. 

Not surprisingly out of all the people surveyed over 70% of them said that the application they worked on was a web-based application. This shows the scale and importance of the web and how beneficial it can be for developers to have web-based experience. If 70% of the developers are working on web-based applications then that means theoretically 70% of Java Developer vacancies will involve working on web-based applications. It is worth noting that this report only represents 1562 Java Developers out of an estimate 9 million worldwide so the number could dramatically change if every Java Developer was surveyed. This considered, it is very important to remember the relevance of non web-based applications such as desktop (11.3%) and mobile (3.6%) as they still play a significant part in the industry. 

Another result I found interesting looked at what stage developers perform profiling and performance tuning on their applications. Not surprisingly out of everyone that participated in the report 37.1% of developers said that they test their applications while they code. This enables you to check your code as you go along and fix any issues accordingly. This is more than likely to produce a higher quality application at                                          
a cheaper cost. 

The most surprising result was that more than 40% of respondents stated that they only took part in performance profiling when they a found a problem with the code. Simon Maple, who is a Developer Advocate for ZeroTurnAround who commissioned the report, said in relation to this “I was rather shocked to learn that so many people had such a reactive approach”.

At what stage do you think developers should perform profiling and performance tuning? 

What are your thoughts on these findings? Do you think it is a fair reflection of the industry? 

The survey also provided some interesting results in other areas so I recommend that you download it for free here and let me know what you think, @amsourceDavid @amsourcetech.


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