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Friday 2nd November 2018

In this post Conor, our Java Recruitment Consultant discusses the launch of Java 11 and how the language is being used...

Java is one of the most in demand programming languages out there, with the release of Java 11, it has been going strong for over 20 years and used by everyone from massive corporations developing huge enterprise scale applications, to new tech start ups and everywhere in-between. 

Due to its huge popularity there are a wide variety of job choices available. With the Java Developers being highly sought after, organisations are willing to “pay out” for outstanding developers.

When thinking about what you can do with Java there are a few common things that come up. application servers, web applications, mobile and desktop application, enterprise applications and cloud-based applications.

You can find these in any company using java but I wanted to take a look into some other ways it is currently being used.

We Have Lift Off..

Nasa are always creating interesting new products and are using Java for a number of Java for some interesting applications. 

Their World Wind product uses Java, World Wind allows users to zoom in form outer space and examine any locations.

Java has also been used to develop NASA mission software, that has been used in various Space missions. 

Dude, where’s my car?

Self-driving cars are becoming more of a reality. Its predicted that fully self-driving cars could be on sale as early as 2027. Obviously, cars will not drive on Java alone, there will still need to be a complex system of robotics and sensors.

The technology is used to perform tasks that most consider second nature. A massive component in self-driving cars is care detection, with java being used to build real time video object detection applications. 

Netflix and Chill?

You would have to go pretty far to find someone who hasn’t heard of Netflix. It allows you to enjoy more than 1 billion hours of shows and movies per month.

The vast majority of services running on Netflix’s architecture are built with Java.  The innate scalability of Java has played a key role in allowing Netflix to expand to more than 57 million members in 50 countries.

Netflix goes through a massive 2 billion content requests per day with Java-driven architecture.

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