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Tuesday 6th August 2019

In this Q&A we caught up with our latest addition to the Amsource Tech team - Jake. We asked him about his back ground, his market and the ups and downs he has faced in his first few months of recruitment!

Tell us more about you and your back-ground...

I am a Geordie lad with black ‘n’ white running through my veins. I moved to Leeds 3 years ago to study a undergraduate degree in Sports & Exercise science at Leeds Beckett University.

What sparked your interest in a career in recruitment?

After growing as a young adult and building a life in Leeds, I made the difficult decision to not return to my beloved home and launch my career here. This was because I fell in love with the city and the people, after making lifelong friends and of course a night out like no other.

My friends that currently worked in recruitment in Leeds had been saying for months ‘you’d be class at that’ and then told me about what it involved. Let’s just say from then I was hooked on the idea!

After that I started doing my research into the recruitment industry and decided that I was going to become the most successful recruiter Leeds had seen. So I started researching, applying and getting interviews for lots of different sectors of recruitment, that Leeds had to offer.

What stood out to you about Amsource Technology?

When I came to my first interview here at Amsource, I took a look around the office and said to myself “I could definitely work in an office like this” and the vibe I got office those that I met was friendly and welcoming.

In the interview I spoke to Andrew, David and penny over the course of nearly 2 hours! But this was partly, due to the fact that I never shut up and had so many questions to ask. From this I took one thing away with me which over the course of the coming days turned out to be the main reason I wanted to work for Amsource, this was that as a company they were so much more ambitious than any other recruitment company in the city.

Because of this, when I received an offer for the position, I did not hesitate to say yes and sign on the dotted line.

Can you tell us more about the market you are working?

Yes. So, I am working in the DevOps market, where the job titles are endless. However, the most popular one is a DevOps engineer.

The purpose of a DevOps engineer is to do the whole development lifecycle instead of having both development and operations as separate. They currently do continuous development and integration of new technologies/ways of thinking to make applications e.g. clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure), more reliable and faster for consumers in a range of different sectors. 

This can be anything from coding, building new platforms, continuous integration pipelines, migrating data into the cloud and general bug fixes/upgrades. This is an automated process, whereby it makes doing each task for efficient and more reliable realises.

The most difficult challenge for me so far is adapting to talking to DevOps professionals about the DevOps market and DevOps skills/tools. This is because I come from a sporting background and knew completely nothing about DevOps or anything for that matter. But I quickly realised that I just had to learn how to speak to DevOps professionals and the knowledge would come gradually, because at the end of the day they are just a person, like you or I.

However, I do feel like am learning every day and I am now confident enough to talk to DevOps professionals about the projects, skills and tools they do on a daily basis in great detail.

What’s been your favourite part of your recruitment journey so far?

My favourite part of my journey so far at Amsource is being part of this crazy team day in day out, made up of the most interesting characters from all backgrounds. Everyone wants everyone to succeed and everyone buys in to the vision that Andrew has for the company. And I am proud to say that I am totally invested in in the vision and the ideology of the company and want to succeed every day.

What advice would you give to other graduates wanting to go into recruitment?

The advice I would give to graduates is that if your looking to be better than you were yesterday and want to go into an industry that rewards you for going the extra mile, 110% go into recruitment! You won’t regret it!

It is a fast paced, competitive and the most exhilarating working environment I have even worked in. So if you’re a motivated, hard working individual looking for a fulfilling career, wear you learn something new every day…get applying NOW!

If you're looking for a career in recruitment get in touch with us today : 

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