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Friday 5th May 2017

Our UX/UI specialist has been busy attending various events across the digital scene in Manchester. In this post she gives us the low down on just some of the events shes attended over the past week.

Having lived in London for five years and worked in recruitment for three I am very familiar with the myriad of networking events in the South, so having moved to Manchester just over a year ago it’s been interesting to see and attend the different networking events up here in the North.

I recently joined Amsource Technology and one of the main reasons for this was their passion for the industry and the depth of involvement they have in it. Especially with their Tech // Connect events. During my interview, Andrew advised we’d be bringing these events to Manchester which was really a big seller for me as networking is something I find imperative in any industry not just recruitment. 

Last week I was lucky enough to attend Tech for Good Live, held at The Shed at MMU and sponsored by Reason Digital. Focused around Data and how it is being used in creative ways to enhance and define businesses. With interesting talks from Julian Tait of 360Giving and Mor Rubinstein of Open Knowledge. Can’t wait for the next one! 

Last night I attended the GlugMCR event, which was different to events I have attended before, they want to inspire people by bringing fantastic speakers who share their experiences and talk about their journeys in the digital media world. I was especially excited to see Alex and Anthony from Noir Agency, having worked with Anthony many moons ago in the world of financial services it was lovely to see how successful he has been in founding Noir Agency and hearing about their views on AI. There were also some fascinating talks from Designer & Illustrator Jane Bowyer about life as a freelancer and BBC’s UX Lead Callum Peters on how they work with children to produce the apps they do. Fantastic event and I will definitely be attending more! 

We also held our very first Tech // Connect 1.1 event in Manchester. Held in the wonderful Rise theatre, in partnership with BJSS we focused the event around Microservices. We were lucky to be joined by Thomas Drake and James Green BJSS Software Engineers who provided a LiveCode demo. It was a fantastic first event with really positive feedback and far too much pizza! You can check out a video of the event below..

I am really looking forward to holding some more digitally focused events here in Manchester. It would be great to hear from companies wanting to partner in events and also from you, the people who will attend the events as to what topics you would like to hear about and events you would like to see up here in the North West. 

For any information on our events or to get involved please do give me a shout 
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