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Monday 20th February 2017
So, it has been just over a month since we opened our first office in Manchester.  We thought we'd catch up with Luke (Senior Recruiter and currently the first member of the Manchester team) to find out more about his career background, how his first few weeks have been with Amsource Technology Manchester, and what he hopes to achieve in the future with us. 

How did you choose your area of expertise?
"Since starting my career in IT recruitment, I've always wanted to be a specialist in a particular area. I noticed technical roles were my forté. Having placed a number of  professionals in technical fields over the years inducing developers, Testers, DevOps, designers etc. I realised my niche was development, in particular Java.

Over the years I have seen considerable growth in the number of Manchester based companies who demand candidates with Java skills. With so many recruiters in the city, it made me want to aspire to be the “Go To” expert for both candidates and clients in Java recruitment."

So, why did you choose Amsource Technology as the company to develop your career? 
"While on my journey to being the “Go To” expert in my field, I felt I needed a company to back up this ideology and who would share similar visions and goals as myself. This brought me to Amsource Technology. Amsource are a specialist in IT recruitment with a heavy focus around software development which is perfect for me. At Amsource, recruitment is done properly. Amsource focus on key areas, providing excellent market knowledge to both candidates and clients, hosting events around hot topics in the industry to bring clients and candidates together and aiming to show some credibility to a tarnished market. "

How has your first 6 weeks with Amsource Technology in Manchester been?
"They've been great. I've had some great response from new clients who like my ideas in becoming an expert in my field and hosting a number of Amsource Technology Tech//Connect events. It's great being based in the city centre and feeling the buzz surrounding technology in the city."

What are some of the plans you would like to undertake in your first year at Amsource Technology?

Learn Java

"Now I have chosen the right company to support me in my vision, I can now execute my plans moving forward. So, I have a number of goals this year and the first one is to to learn Java! I feel for me to become the “Go To” expert in Java Recruitment, I feel it’s necessary to learn the basics. I think this will ultimately help me understand my market further and the needs of my candidates and clients, allowing me to provide a better service to them. I will be starting my first session with a close friend of mine who is a Java Developer from ITV,  so let's see how I do!"


"Amsource Technology have had fantastic feedback following their Tech//Connect events in Leeds, and this year I will be following on from this success, but in Manchester. What I have noticed is Manchester has some real focus around the event space when it comes to Testing, UX, UI, Front End Development, but Java events are few and far between, despite the high number of Java developers in the city.

Therefore my focus this year is to host some tailored Java events around subjects the community will be able to engage with, including: topics around Java 9, Java in Manchester, a Java Hackathon. Hopefully by the end of the year, we'll have a strong community of Java Dev’s wanting to attend regularly.

We recently hosted an event in Leeds alongside BJSS which was focused on Microservices which was a huge success so will be bringing this event to Manchester in the next Month also.  

I'm excited to grow the team over here in Manchester and follow on from the success the Leeds office has had so far!"
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