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Friday 22nd September 2017
Amsource technology headed to LightStart’s Digital Show and Tell (Hosted by KPMG) last night and it was great to see that Leeds is bursting with entrepreneurs and their innovative digital ideas.

As usual LightStart provided a great evening with beer, wine, pizza and engaging presentations backing up what we already knew, that Leeds as a growing digital hub for not just the north but the UK!

Smartplug letting you control your home from your phone. Helping you to make your home more energy efficient, it learns your habits to automate everything from lamps and TV’s to knowing when you are on your way home to start booting everything up. Wifi plug will be in everyone’s home soon!

From the guys at Top Screen Media, Swoosch takes the hassle out of paying for group events like stag and hen do’s or a work colleagues birthday in the office. You make your online contribution into the virtual pot which can then he used to purchase presents or accommodation and travel for group trips. No more digging around for change or giving out your bank details to everyone.


The perfect app for coffee lovers or novices to help you choose your coffee and identify unique flavours that make up your favourite coffee taste! You can become party of the online coffee lovers’ community!

A new twist on the traditional pub quiz. This app allows you to play an interactive quiz on your phone where it’s not just about knowing the answer but also how quickly you can answer. No more google cheats! Look out for the creator Mark Walsh on Dragons’ Den this Sunday night.

An interactive audio notetaker aimed at helping students and teachers to capture and manage notes in an engaging platform. Fantastic classroom assistant for students with language barriers or learning difficulties.

Take the guess work out of buying the perfect gift! This platform allows you to create and share your favourite brands and products with your famil6 and friends to help them get you the perfect present and avoid giftface!

Turning internet dating on its head! This “blind date” app covers your face with 16 jigsaw pieces which get taken away one by one every time you send a message to the other person. Now you can win them over with your dazzling personality before they get to see your face.

Take a look at some of the other unique and exciting events LightStart have lined up for this year perhaps we will see you there! Click here.
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