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Wednesday 13th January 2016
According to recent data recorded from CV Library Leeds, Sheffield and Bristol were the three cities to come out on top in terms of strongest salary growth in 2015. Giving some insight into where job hunters may choose to base their job search this year.

The results from data from CV library suggests that employees in Leeds, Sheffield and Bristol would appear to be better off when it comes to the chance of better wages.

In November we released an Info-graphic about technology in the UK and how many technology professionals are now choosing to base themselves in areas outside of London, in particular The North of England.

The Info-graphic recorded that 78% of permanent technology staff received a salary increase in 2014.

Out of 47,000 companies formed since 2013, 74% were outside of London.

Which raises the question, is London losing its appeal for prospective UK job hunters and entrepreneurs?

We recently wrote a blog discussing graduates and how London is still an appealing option for them once finishing University, however figures suggest that they would actually be better off in other areas of the country. (Click here to read more.)

Could we see other areas over taking London in terms of being the main hub of commerce in the UK?

It would be great to get your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below or tweet us @AmsourceTech.


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