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Wednesday 24th April 2019

The Leeds Digital Festival Awards take place next week (30th April 2019).

The LDF Awards celebrate the success of the digital and tech industry in Leeds and the wider city region over the last year. The thriving scene is not only home to start-ups and SMEs, but also much larger businesses where tech is at the heart of everything they do.

The awards will celebrate the organisations and individuals who are driving the vibrant industry and making Leeds a fantastic hub of digital innovation. 

With a week to go until the big night, we thought we'd take the opportunity to get to know our fantastic shortlisted individuals and organisations.

In this blog we hear from the 'Tech 4 Good' shortlist. We asked them 'What does being shortlisted for a Leeds Digital Festival Award mean to you?' 

Find out what some of them said below...


Mable Therapy

Here is one of the many reasons Mable Therapy were shortlisted...

"Mable are a Speech & Language company that provide services using their unique online platform, developed by in house web designers. They deliver speech therapy sessions to hundreds of pupils across the UK using their engaging app that includes gamification and reporting systems that make the programme enjoyable to the students as well as being incredibly efficient.

The programme means that speech & language therapists no longer have to travel several miles to deliver sessions, and more children can be seen per day. Both teachers and parents can log on to Mable to see the reports from each session.

Through 2019, they are developing technology to include paediatric counselling services, where their sessions will also be delivered via the online platform!"

Here is what Mable Therapy had to say about being shortlisted...


Here is just some of the many reasons Shift.MS were shortlisted...

"As well as our online and social media content, we create compelling, high production value films – by, for and about people with MS – which tell compelling stories and connect MSers with world-leading experts. 

We have a large following across the main social media channels, and every weekend open up our twitter feed to one of our members or followers. This ‘Twitter Takeover’ leads to a huge range of engagements, stories and questions. And just like the online forum, our social media presence has led to real-life meet-ups and friendships.

Shift.MS want to achieve:
Reduced isolation, anxiety and depression; the ability to come to terms with diagnosis and adapt to life with MS; greater knowledge and confidence to make positive choices about health, lifestyle and the future."

Here is what Shift.MS had to say about being shortlisted...



Here is one of the many reasons Mindwell were shortlisted...

MindWell is an award winning mental health information website designed and built by the people of Leeds for everyone who lives and works in the city.

It has a unique navigation, with three user journeys and includes evidence based, bespoke educational information which has been given a Plain English award.

It has reached over 110,000 people in just over 2 years and is seen at the go to place for all mental health information.

Here is what Mindwell had to say about being shortlisted...


Here is one of the reasons why Stream have been shortlisted...

"With Stream, fleet operators are able to quickly and easily add electric vehicles to their fleet. They can take advantage of the financial, environmental and social responsibility benefits, whilst keeping operations running smoothly. The environmental impact of the logistics sector is something that we all have to consider, and supporting the move to EVs and other alternative fuel vehicles as part of the Stream product suite is something that the whole team is immensely proud of."

Here is what Stream had to say about being shortlisted...

Hero Wellbeing

Here is just one of the many reasons why Hero Well being was shortlisted...

"Hero’s online wellbeing platform is making positive impacts across communities, supporting people to be happier, healthier versions of themselves.

- For example, in 2018/19 hero’s wellbeing platform and technology supported residents at a retirement village and in the space of just 3 months, the retirees were:
- 6% happier
- 18% more active
- 32% less lonely
- 8% more satisfied with their mental wellbeing
- 26% more satisfied with their activity/physical health

A quote from a participant: “There’s no doubt we’re doing more exercise because we’re being measured and can compete against each other, which is a huge driver and the hero platform meant we could compete and compare – motivating us to do more.”

A quote from a participant: “The initiative has transformed our approach to mobility and subsequently improved our quality of life. We’ve both averaged more than 10,000 steps a day.” 

Here is what Hero had to say about being shortlisted...

"The past 12 months has been such a roller-coaster of a ride - in a great way!  We have achieved some amazing successes from securing a multi-million pound deal with Moda through to acquiring two businesses and working with some amazing partners and clients.  The feedback and results we have been achieving is outstanding and simply supports the fact that the technology we have created really does have a genuine impact on improving the lives of people.  I would like to say though, that central to this success, is the hero team.  The team has a genuine passion and really do care about what they do.  This is hugely rewarding to see. "

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