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Wednesday 16th May 2018

In this blog we hear from one of our most recent recruits to the Amsource Tech team - Jake. Here he tells us all about his first months with us, challenges he has faced, what he has enjoyed and more about his market - DevOps. Read more below...

So, I’ve been a member of the Amsource team for a couple of months now and I feel as though I’ve made a strong start into learning the ways of how the crazy world of recruitment works. 

I think now would be a good time to update you all on how I have found my feet and overcome some of the challenges I have faced in my early career at Amsource Technology. 

Before I delve into my first few months I’d like to set in terms of my background…

5 years ago, I swapped the beautiful Northumberland countryside for the lively streets of Leeds, embarking on a 3-year course studying Business & Marketing at Leeds Beckett University. 

Since University life and finally coming to realisation that I needed a full-time job, I decided to pursue a career in Sales and landed a role at a small organisation named Toyota, working as a Sales Executive. 

After 12 successful months and many test-drive’s I decided to ditch the cars for a job in recruitment and although I have found the role challenging, I have really enjoyed the transition. 

I was told on my first day that I would be learning my trade in the DevOps market – first point of action, find out what is 'a DevOps'. 

After many late nights and communicating with the candidates in my market I began to get a better insight to what these DevOps guys do. The main challenge was trying to understand the technology that these people were using and what they were trying to do with it. 

I have to say the first few weeks were very difficult and I had to do a lot of homework in order to feel comfortable questioning and communicating with these IT professionals. I have also recently attended the Leeds DevOps event to help improve my knowledge further. 

I definitely feel coming from a Sales background has helped me, as I have brought with my listening skills and my ability to hold and control a conversation. My transition into recruitment has also been my easier by my peers as they are also on hand to offer advice and guide me in the right direction. 

My first few months have been thoroughly enjoyable and I have loved the challenges that this role has thrown at me so far and I can’t wait to see what the next year or so will hold. 

Talk to Jake about DevOps opportunities across the North today - 0113 468 6700 /
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