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Monday 18th September 2017

Jake joined Amsource Technology as a Recruitment Consultant in our Manchester office just over a month ago, in this blog he fills us in on his market, his first month, what he has enjoyed and some of the challenges he has faced...

I have been working at Amsource Technology for a month now as a Full Stack Software Engineer recruitment consultant, so I think it’s time that I give you an insight to myself and how my first month Amsource has gone.

I have spent the last 3 years at Lancaster university studying Hospitality & Events Management and I graduated in July with a 2:1.

I am born and bred in sunny Blackpool, but in August I decided to take the jump and move to Manchester to work in new Amsource office as a recruitment consultant. 

My background consisted of working in the hospitality industry for around 6 years which enabled me to gain strong skills in customer service. What attracted me to the recruitment industry was that I had the ability to apply my customer service skills into a more rewarding industry, such as recruitment.

When I was in the process of interviewing with recruitment companies in Manchester I was slightly put off by recruitment due to some of the company’s concepts and how they approached things. When I interviewed with Amsource I knew their approach to recruitment and their concept wasn’t like any other and I instantly knew the company was for me. I felt Amsource was completely different, as their involvement in running tech events throughout the north west was really intriguing to me as it showed Amsource has a  genuine interest for the tech industry and bringing the tech community together.

My first week at Amsource was very nerve-racking, my first phone call was petrifying but the support and training from Andrew and Luke took all that away. As the weeks progressed my confidence grew and I started to become more comfortable speaking on the phone. Three weeks in, I was loving being able to chat and listen to the different life stories of the candidates I was calling.

With most things, there are ups and downs, and the thing I have found most challenging in my role, is learning all the different tech. Each phone call I had, I was being told about a new tech or a different tool or which is the best framework to use (and this is still happening now)! At the end of each day in my first two weeks, I felt like my head was due to explode with the amount of new information it had retained. Slowly but surely, I have started to have more of an understanding in my field and how to differentiate all the different coding frameworks and tools from one another.

My overall month has been exciting and I have loved working for Amsource, I am looking forward to coming months and seeing what it has in store for me.

If you're a Full Stack Software looking for a role in the North-West, get in touch with Jake in the following ways: / 0161 804 9853

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