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Friday 15th May 2015
In a recent article by ZDnet it was reported how developments in IOT could mean parents could understand and have access to more information about their children than ever before. The Internet Of Things is set to change parenting, with the concept of ‘automated parenting’ to become something that will be seen more and more over the coming years.


It’s been said that in the not so distant future parents will be able to track their children’s location through an array of tracking devices in development through wearable tech. How often they brush their teeth, when their nappy needs changing among many more.

Eye tracking monitors are currently in development these will analyse a child’s eye gaze when they are watching educational software giving parents insight into how engaged the child is with the material , if they are actually learning information or if they are bored and confused. This will be able to give valuable data to educational officials and parents as to how efficiently children learn, and how teaching can be developed to align and take into consideration how different children absorb information.

Swim safety for children will be optimised for parents with blue tooth technology developments that will be able to send sensors to parent’s phone when their child is in danger. This could provide peace of mind for parents, knowing that your child is underwater because they're wearing a swimming bands tethered to your phone by Bluetooth could save their life.

Some of these innovations will be great, of course every parent would like to know where their children are for that extra peace of mind. But are these developments in parenting technology necessary or could these innovations just create even more anxiety among parents?


Sensors in baby’s cot’s that monitor breathing patterns and movements giving parents notifications every time their child does something abnormal in the sleep could provide great relief for parents , or on the other hand, it might terrify the parents every time the sensor makes a mistake?

Is it good for parents to get an email or a text every time their child starts crying while their at work? Will that help parents who go back to work to feel closer to their children, or just guiltier about going back to work? 

A game that rewards kids for brushing their teeth for the whole two minutes beats standing over them and nagging - or it could be one less chance to talk to your children in a busy day?


As a society we are becoming more and more reliant on technology. Socialising is now done mostly through technology as appose to face to face meetings. Could this sense of automated parenting cause a collapse in the family unit as parents become dependent on technology to find out what they need about their child rather than taking the steps to communicate with their children and find out first hand?

Take the new £949 Cambridge Crib for instance – the crib has a ‘self-rocking’ mode with the ability to rock your baby to sleep. Are ‘modern day’ parents so over worked these days that paying this amount of money is worth not spending the time themselves to rock their child to sleep. How much parenting can actually be automated?

How much privacy do parents want to give to their children? By tracking them and monitoring their movements and progress are they applying to much unnecessary pressure? Are the parents who choose to taken on automated parenthood depriving their children of semi technology free up bringing they had?

There are many factors and questions to consider, what are your thoughts tweet us @amsourcetech
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