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Tuesday 10th May 2016
You have probably heard this before but here it is again,when it comes to your job search – never, underestimate the power of social media.

Sometimes it’s understandable that finding the time to take the time to improve your career prospects is at times difficult.

However in a tweet you can do it in only 140 characters, making it a quick and effective way for you to improve your career and employ ability. So why not try it?

If you’re on the job hunt and you have taken twitter as a tool to help you on your way. The first place to start is to follow employers. Do you have particular companies in mind that you would love to work for? Follow them. This will give you another way of keeping up to date on company hiring patterns so you will never miss a potential opportunity.

Also by following companies it lets you find out a little more about them and whether the company would be a good match for you.

After you have followed all those companies that are relevant to you, there’s no doubt that your twitter feed will feel pretty crowded and could leave you missing out on important information from them as they are hidden by those users you follow who aren’t relevant to you. So get rid.

Employers want to see that you are a well-rounded person with a personality who isn’t just all about the work. Obviously it’s good to show your interest in your profession so do that where you can, but also tweet about things you are interested in and things you are doing. For example, where are you going to eat? Where are you going on holiday etc.

Get an early opinion in on breaking news stories. This will show your interest in what goes on in the world and that you are knowledgeable on current affairs. Be careful when tweeting about strong personal opinions on current affairs that could potentially offend people, keep those to yourself if you are using twitter professionally.

Don’t be scared to share your opinion and thoughts with those companies you are interested in. It’s a good way to draw attention to your work and get you noticed by employers.

Make sure your twitter links to other areas that employers will be able to find out more about you. For example – a link to your LinkedIn profile or a link to your personal blog. This gives employers a chance to get to know you and you a chance to showcase more of the knowlege you have in your field of work.

Twitter is a tool that can work really effectively but the time needs to be put in by the user for it to work properly. If you are using twitter to get noticed professionally, you need to provide something worth noticing. It’s no good tweeting once every two weeks about what you had for breakfast. You need to drip feed content and information to your followers regularly so that they remember you this way followers will actively look on your profile to catch your views on things or to see what you’ve been doing, or if you’re available for a new role.

Try it and see of it works for you …

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