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Wednesday 2nd August 2017

 In this blog our Senior Infrastructure specialist  Shane discusses  information security, but more  importantly  how to secure a career in this area...

 Information Security is at the forefront of most company’s minds  at present, especially based on recent, high profile ransomware  security breaches, with WannaCry coming to mind!! 

 Information security is not a new topic, however what it has  thrown up is more of an awareness to IT security and its  importance within all industries. Last year alone it is estimated that 4,000 daily requests for ransoms are made, claiming that a ransomware virus is immanent and that a company should pay to avoid the virus!

Over the past 12 months, and even more so over the last 3, I have been asked by my clients to recruit within their InfoSec teams. As a result, I have been out to my database and the market to source the talent required! One of issues within the market, is the shortage of experienced engineers, thus making it a booming market to get into if you are 3rd line / senior infrastructure engineer who would like the opportunity to specialise in security and this blog is to answer the question I have had a lot recently which is “how do I go about gaining such a position”?

To answer this question, I sat down with Ian, a Security engineer working as a contractor onsite for a financial organisation in Leeds, with 20 years’ experience within infrastructure and 6 years within InfoSec, his advice was;

“The best advice I can give is…

Home development and Learning
A potential employer will always want to see how you have begun learning a new industry, and there are some fantastic home learning courses, blogs and articles in the market now which would demonstrate that you are serious. 

Working with and speaking to colleagues 

I spent 12 months shadowing the security team within in last position, spending time before and after my working day to speak with the security team to gain an insight into their world and the differences between mine and theirs. 

Passion! This is a tough one, what I mean by this is that to gain a role with a potential employer you are going to have to show a passion for InfoSec and this is not something you can teach! You need to already have a passion that you can portray to a prospective employer through how you come across”

To get my first role in Security I had to take a position further away from my home with a £5k salary drop, as I had to go from an Infra Tech Consultant to a 3rd Line Security engineer, where I spent a year learning the industry and improving the skill set shortages I had. After 12 months, I was promoted and earning £5k more than when in my previous role!"

Do you work in InfoSec? What advice would you give to people aspiring to get into this field?

Is Security something you would like to specialise in? It would be great to hear from you. Contact me: 0113 468 6700 / 

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