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Tuesday 23rd February 2016
It’s a subject we’ve touched on many times before, but it really is a good time to be a tech professional. 

In a recent article by recruitment international it was reported how almost half of permanent tech professionals received a bonus in 2015.

Average tech salaries across the UK rose by 2% to £46,969 in 2015 according to Dice research.

The research carried out by Dice involved 1200 tech professionals and 200 tech recruiters and revealed that almost three fifths (59%) of tech workers in permanent employment earned higher salaries in 2015 and the numbers of six figure salaries doubled year on year.

Companies recruiting for tech talent are recognising the key motivators for techies. Making the majority of tech companies, some of the best organisations to work for in the world. The likes of Airbnb, Facebook and Google are constantly commended and recognised for their work place perks and great salaries offered to employees.

With technology very much the future for most industries, it seems companies are understanding more and more the value of retaining and attracting top technology talent.
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