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Tuesday 21st November 2017

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a Business Analyst? Is it a career move you are looking to make and think you have the right skills? In this blog one of our Senior Recruiters, Kelly, gives some of the key skills you need to make a successful Business Analyst!


Having the ability to influence others is a great skill and I am sure all Business Analysts would agree. It can be difficult to get people to agree on something, anything! Being able to influence their approaches or decisions can help individuals from different teams with different priorities to meet in the middle and see each other’s view point, avoiding unnecessary conflict.


Every part of life involves negotiation, whether it be parents negotiating with children to eat their greens or the Prime Minister negotiating Brexit. Negotiation is compromise, but everyone needs to feel they have had a victory for it to be successful. Being the bridge between the business and technology, it is especially important for the Business Analyst to be able to effectively negotiate with and on behalf of all areas of the business.


A large part of the Business Analyst role is working closely with stakeholders to understand what it is they are wanting to change or improve within the business. Having a good working relationship is critical in ensuring you understand what they want, their challenges and the pains they face.

Similarly, good relationships with other teams within the business is very important. It is much easier asking people to go out of their way to help or get something over the line when you have taken the time to build a relationship with them. When relationships break down, so do projects.


One of the most important skills in most roles is listening, the Business Analyst is no exception. A Business Analysts job is to gather important information, the main way to do this is to listen. How often do we jump in when someone is talking to ask another question or give our own opinion? What valuable information have we now missed out on? what where they going to tell us before we interrupted? The best way to learn and understand something is to first listen, then ask questions.


Being clear and making sure everyone understands what is happening and are moving in the same direction is key. Without communication you cannot succeed in any team project, all too easily things can get lost in translation. The Business Analysts job is to make sure they translate the business requirements to the technical team in a clear and concise way and managing expectations clearly to the business.


People judge you on your ability to overcome issues and solve problems in a calm manner rather than judge you on the fact it happened at all. Everywhere we go there are problems and obstacles to face, it’s a part of life. It is the people who stay calm and can find a solution that instils the most confidence in us and that’s what you need to be able to do as a Business Analyst.

In conclusion, it takes a lot of skill to be a Business Analyst but if you have the right foundation gained from everyday life and the right attitude everything else can be taught.

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