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Monday 2nd November 2015
The tech world is currently awash with blogs, news and articles about digital technology and the massive impact it is having on organisations and life everywhere.  

We are seeing this amongst our clients and when speaking to candidates.

Here in Leeds the DWP are running a huge programme of work, and HSCIC are improving the NHS as two prominent examples of ‘Digital’ happening around us and impacting our everyday lives.

Many organisations are now running ‘Digital Labs’ which we discussed in a previous event and through our blog.

All this literature got me thinking about ‘Digital’, as when speaking to clients and candidates, reading blogs, articles or seeing news items it feels like the word ‘Digital’ is now being lauded as the biggest thing in IT.

The reason I raise the question around this is that when looking at the projects and technologies used, I don’t see a huge amount of difference from what was being used 10 years ago, and it’s more about progression and development of existing technology and approaches rather than re-inventing the wheel.

There are now a lot of open source technologies such as PHP and Ruby becoming more prominent, but many are utilising tried and tested technologies such as Java and .NET.

There has been a gargantuan rise in prominence of companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Apple etc (Yes, there was a time before iPhones and Posting on someones Wall) in the last 10 years.

Has this meant that now software/technology and technology roles are considered more mainstream (and not the guys in the office locked in the basement!) and that giving developments in software and technology a brand such as ‘Digital’ this further allows them to enter the mainstream world; perhaps under a term that is known and accepted amongst the general public?

So, I guess the question I’d like to raise is are we seeing a Digital Revolution, or a Digital Evolution?

I’d be interested in thoughts and discussion around this. Leave a comment below or tweet us @AmsourceTech.

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