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Thursday 24th March 2016
Over recent years the number of IT specialists moving into the contract market has increased significantly. The number of IT contractors has grown 48% in five years, from 143,000 in 2009 to 211,000 in 2014 (The Recruiter).

What's driving the growth?
The increasing rise in IT contractors has come hand in hand with the continuing development of technology. Businesses are recognising the need to invest more in IT projects, whereas in the past, IT projects may have been seen as a lower priority.

Competitiveness across markets between businesses has never been higher. Therefore businesses are turning to technology to give their business new innovate ways to set themselves apart, and give themselves defined competitive edge in the market.

The growing app economy...
The app economy is estimated to be worth £4 billion to the UK and is expected to rise to £31 billion by 2025 (The recruiter) . The number of e commerce businesses in the UK are increasing at a rapid pace in the UK. Businesses are to be seen as missing out on a large segments of customers by not developing apps that customers can access through their mobile. Therefore requiring the need for more IT professionals to work on large development projects, in order to get these apps out in the market as soon as possible to meet consumer demand. In turn, driving the need for contractors rather than permanent staff.

Cloud computing...

More and more businesses are investing in cloud computing for data storage and bring your own device schemes that allow employees more flexibility in their work and in turn boost productivity for the business. An increasing number of IT contractors are being demanded in the sector to fulfill the demand for these kinds of systems.

So, is contracting the future?
Procorre (International services consultancy) stated that ‘with more upcoming projects requiring their expertise, IT specialists are in a strong position to pick and choose which projects they work on.’ Giving contractors the opportunity for desirable flexibility in their role, as well as the high demand delivering potential higher rates to contractors.

Recruitment International
 reported on Tuesday how flexible working was a trait regarded as most important when considering a new role. With this being said, and flexible working being a common trait in most contracting roles. Could we see an influx of more IT workers choosing to go down the contracting route?

Another factor for consideration is that contractor rates have been steadily increasing throughout the last couple of years, offering an attractive incentive for money motivated tech professionals.

What are your thoughts on this, does the future of the IT sector lie in contract work? Are you a permanent member of an IT team, would you turn to the contract market?

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