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Friday 21st August 2015

The demand for software developers is heating up. According to CIO the number of software developer jobs will increase by 30% in 2020. The growing ‘app economy’ is prompting a need for more developers to be on board with projects. According to the National Office Of Statistics The ‘app economy’ has already grown the number of web design and programming jobs by 11% from 63,000 in Q2 2013 to 70,000 in Q2 2014.

Smart technology ownership is increasing all the time, driving application development from key players such as iOS and Android in a bid to maintain competitive advantage, as well as new software being developed to create wearable tech such as the new google glass and iWatch.


Java skills are still recognised as those skills that are deemed as most valuable to employers followed by .Net , C++ and C#  according to .

Employers are also encouraging developers to take time to upskill and learn new languages.

We posted a blog not so long ago (Java vs about how there’s an element of reluctancy in the developer market to cross train from main stream languages to new the kids on the block such as the platform. However this could be what sets the cats among the pigeons for candidates as the market continues to saturate and competition heats up due to the high demand.

Here at Amsource we are recruiting a variety of developer roles for a wide range of clients. David Specialises in the recruitment of Java Developers, if you are a developer searching for a new role contact David on 0113 357 0444 / .

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