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Monday 21st August 2017
The explosion of Data Science and Machine Learning cannot be underestimated.  It is THE technology area organisations are developing and embracing, and the Harvard Business Review called it “the sexiest job of the 21st century”.  Really, they did call it Sexy!

So, what is Data Science?
Data Science is a process of applying scientific methods in order to extract knowledge and insights from sets of data, massive sets of data.  This allows greater understanding of what exactly the data means, and importantly what trends can be found, and where it gets really sexy is that we can predict outcomes and future events, and influence behaviour on data from previous events.

Predict the future? Machine Learning:
Machine Learning gives computers the ability to learn without being programmed – this is the rise and phenomena of Artificial Intelligence.  By applying algorithms to existing data, this data will show trends that will happen in the future, and allow us to make a prediction about future events. Through data analytics (very complex statistical models) we develop a significant understanding of what the data means in a commercial environment.

Examples in use...

IBM’s Watson 
The most famous Supercomputer around – able to ‘think’, make decisions and answer questions through applying knowledge gained from existing data.  Scarily accurate and super-intelligent.

Predicting the Political Landscape
By analysing tweets, it is possible to predict the outcome of major global events such as Brexit  and the US election.

Machine Learning in the home
Siri and Alexa apply AI and Machine Learning techniques.  How long will it be before they order your shopping for you without the need for you to tell them to do it?

Driving Miss Data
Driverless cars are going to be the next big advancement in AI and Machine Learning. All the major tech companies and car manufacturers are investing significantly.  This has a much wider impact on the fact that we won’t need to get behind the wheel, the impact on reducing pollution from emissions will be significant.

How are you seeing Data Science impact your home and work life? We'd love to get your thoughts, tweet us @AmsourceTech or leave your comments below!
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