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Monday 14th December 2015
Finding someone who is able to "Hit the ground running" is something which is always on the list of requirements when discussing contractor’s traits with hiring managers. 

But what does it really mean? And if you are a contractor, why should it matter?

"Start something and proceed at a fast pace with great enthusiasm."

This is without a doubt the number one attribute that is sought after from every contract employee in an organisation.  Any hiring manager who is looking to acquire a contract tester for example, whether this be for 3 months or 3 years, wants this mentality at the forefront of everything that their contractors do. 

Obviously other factors will determine your ultimate success or failure, but the business objective of a contractor is to deliver added value to a project from day one. Whilst the initial introduction phase for a permanent role is generally much more relaxed and could be up to a week or two at most, a contractor’s introduction can be as quick as the morning of their first day, meaning you have to be prepared to instantly meet warranted expectations.

Starting with pace, showing enthusiasm for the work you have undertaken and being able to exhibit this throughout a projects lifecycle is a sure-fire way to boost your reputation as a reliable, hardworking contract professional. It also provides your manager with the reassurance that they’ve made the right decision during the hiring process, which when talk of extensions or appraisal comes around is always going to be remembered.  

What other attitude traits are necessary to be successful in the contract market? Send your thoughts to @Ross_Amsource, Let me know!

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