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Friday 23rd March 2018

In this blog we hear from one of our most recent recruits to the Amsource Tech team - Conor. Here he tells us all about his first month with us, challenges he has faced and what he has enjoyed. Read more below...

Over a month has gone by since I took my first steps into the world of recruitment. I think now would be the right time to give you an update on how that time has gone and how I’m feeling about the prospect of a career with Amsource Technology. 

Before I do that, I think a good place to start is to give you an overview of my background. Starting out in Wigan, I moved up to Leeds in 2012 to study Sports Development at Leeds Beckett. After 4 years of putting off growing up, I left university and for the next year worked full time in a sales role, selling fuel cards to businesses across the UK.

Having enjoyed a successful year in sales I decided to look in more detail into the world of recruitment. I have a number of friends who have work in the industry and this is what first turned my head.  A lot of people talk about the long hours that you work in recruitment, but after talking to friends in the industry, I soon realised the rewards well outweigh the late nights. The opportunity to progress directly based on the amount of effort put in, rather that just who has been doing the jobs longest is something that sets recruitment apart from any previous role.

I Specialise in the Java Development market and whilst I know my way around a laptop, this is something I have never experienced before. I spent my first week feeling like a complete fish out of water. The main challenge was getting my head around all the tools and technologies used and how each one works. Along with all the abbreviations. After spending time talking to candidates, I am now a lot more confident in all things Java.

Another challenge I faced coming from sales in to recruitment is the change of product sales to candidate sales when it speaking to clients. In sales it was often as long you had a cheaper product then you would get the sale, selling candidates is something entirely different.

My first month at Amsource has given me an enjoyable, hands on introduction into the world of recruitment. Leading up to my first day I was anxious about how I would transition from sales into recruitment. After my first week I was confident that I had made the correct choice. The idea that the best way to learn in this job is to pick up the phone and make mistakes is one that has helped me, along with the help and guidance I have received from my fellow trainees, senior consultants and the gaffer.

There was a real sense of togetherness and a productive environment that could be seen even at interview stage, this is one of the main things that placed Amsource above other recruitment companies I was looking in to.

My first month at Amsource has been brilliant. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning my market. I am excited to work with clients across Java Development. My First month has been fast paced an intense, and I hope it continues that way as I kick on with my career at Amsource.

Connect with Conor on LinkedIn to talk to him about progessing your Java Development career. 
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