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Sunday 13th September 2015
It’s been said that nothing sucks the fun out of a Sunday then the thought of Monday morning. For many people the thought of Monday can bring many feelings dread, stress and anxiety as they prepare for another five days at work. But it doesn’t need to be like this.
In order for Monday to get back on your side you need to…
What is it about Monday that is causing you so much stress? Yes we all know the end of the weekend is always a sad occasion but if that isn’t the only thing making you miserable on a Monday morning, what else is? If you find yourself in a similar depressed ‘Monday blues’ state every Monday then it could be that you are unhappy in your job- if this is the case you need to identify why in order for the problem to be dealt with and solved.

Are you demotivated? Do you not get on with your co-workers? Whatever it is identifying the problem will fill you with empowerment and put you on the first step to feeling better in your position.

It’s only natural for workers to get the Monday blues every now and again at work so instead of beating yourself up all day on these days – do things to make yourself feel better.

For a lot of people, part of the problem they have with Monday is being thrown straight into the thick of work after a nice chilled weekend. So why not make it easier for yourself? Plan ahead. Plan your Monday on Friday – so that you arrive at work on Monday with a clear mind and structure of what you need to do making it a little easier on yourself.

When planning for Monday, be realistic. Keep it light and keep it achievable whilst also keeping busy. The more time you waste on things off topic the more those Monday blues will start creeping in again. When scheduling meetings try to avoid booking them in for a Monday, use Monday to prepare for them and save the meetings for another day.

There is a big temptation especially on a Monday morning when you wake up to keep hitting that snooze button. Don’t do it! The more you snooze and the less time you have to get yourself ready and get to work the worse your Monday will be, trust me. As soon as that alarm goes off – stand up – do what you’ve got to do but make sure whatever that is includes some breakfast – never under estimate the power of breakfast, it’s been said starting your day with your alarm and with a balanced breakfast will give you a more positive outlook for the rest of the day - try it and see for yourself.

Try and get to bed a little earlier on a Sunday evening, therefore you know when you wake up on Monday morning you have had a good night’s sleep. There is nothing worse than going to bed late on a Sunday evening and having to fight the regular Monday demons without a good night’s sleep behind you.

Okay so you have got up as soon as your alarm has gone off. Now you have more time for everything. Why not make yourself feel better by making an extra effort with your appearance on Monday. Dress for success. If you look fresh and your attitude is fresh this positivity will rub off on other people, making a positive working environment on a Monday. If you have had a heavy weekend you can fool yourself and everyone else that you’re great and you’re feeling better than ever making your recovery quicker – if you look like how you feel, you will probably feel worse.

Yes this is easier said than done, especially on a Monday. But little things included into your Monday routine can give you a more positive outlook. Listen to your favourite songs on your commute to work – let them motivate you and get you feeling ready for the week ahead.

Try to be the positive one in your team, don’t be the Monday complainer that brings everyone else down – even if you’re feeling low. The more positive you act the more it will rub off onto other people creating a more pleasant working environment.

Treat yourself to something nice to eat on your lunch break – your favourite sandwich or cake. This will break your day up nicely and make you feel good whilst also giving you something to look forward to. Avoid large stodgy meals as they can often make you feel tired shortly after eating, and if you start falling asleep at your desk in the afternoon it will ruin all the good progress you have made throughout the day.

Make plans to do something nice after work, whether that be seeing friends, going for a meal or making a new recipe at home, just something you enjoy doing. Make it your Monday mantra to do something nice after work. This will give you something to look forward to – some might say light at the end of the tunnel. It’s good to keep a good balance between your work life and your home life if you bring your work worries and problems home with you- the unhappier you will be. So it’s good to plan something to do to keep your ideas fresh and positive.

By incorporating these elements into your Monday routine , hopefully the better you will feel - Mondays really shouldn’t be something you dread, they should be something you’re excited for, it marks the start of a new week and gives you’re the opportunity to rectify the issues or problems you encountered the week before on a clean slate. After all you need a good Monday to set yourself for a successful week ahead.
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