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Tuesday 9th June 2015
Apple announced yesterday at their annual software show that they will be launching their Apple Pay service in the UK in July 2015.


The new payment scheme is reported to be available in 250,000 locations across the UK with household names including Marks and Spencer ready to introduce the new payment system into their stores.  With the Apple iPhone accounting for more than 40 percent of smartphones sold in the UK, this makes the potential market for apple pay significant. Despite the scheme not making any great impact since its launch in the US in 2014, Apple has high hopes for the UK market.  Contactless payments are already gaining momentum here in the UK, with contactless spending trebling last year to £2.3bn compared with the previous year.  Apple is expecting favourable results when the payments become available in the UK next month.


Investment in contactless debit and credit card payment technology has already paved the way for Apple Pay, as much of the necessary infrastructure is already in place.

iPhones contain a wireless microchip similar to those in contactless payment cards, allowing Apple Pay customers to store their details and wave their device over the terminal to pay.

However unlike contactless pay Apple Pay includes an extra security measure, tokenisation which ensures that card details are not passed through to the retailer. Instead, the payee receives a one-use “token”, which allows them to debit the payment but cannot be reused in future. This, it is hoped, will provide peace of mind to those iPhone users concerned about any potential security risks.

The payment service will be supported by 70% of credit and debit cards which will make it widely available for consumers.


As a business owner there are many ways Apple Pay may be able to benefit your business. For instance : having an Apple Pay option for customers may increase your competitiveness in the market as those companies embracing digital innovation continue to be favourable to consumers by providing an easy to use service.

As a consumer accessing your Apple Pay account from your iPhone may be considered safer due to the introduction of thumbprint recognition for user identification in new iPhone models, making it impossible for intruders to hack into your iPhone without your personal thumbprint.

Some users may also find being able to pay via iPhone a more convenient payment method as everything is stored through their mobile device there’s no need to physically input payment details or even carry a purse or cash.

Apple pay is also set to save precious time for London underground commuters during morning and evening rush hours as the transport systems are due to be optimised to accept payments in this way working in the same way as the current oyster card scheme.

What do you think? Will this payment scheme kick off in a major way in the UK? Or will the effect be similar to that of the US and not make much of an impact?

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