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Tuesday 15th November 2016
Angular vs React
So JavaScript was once a language, now it’s THE language. The rise of frameworks and libraries has been rapid and it seems like a new one is released every week! Of them all; two stand head and shoulders above all the rest, Angular and React.

But which one is the best?
To start with, there are some key differentiators... 

Angular (by Google) is a framework (and Angular 2 prefers Typescript, a more formalised and scalable flavour of JavaScript courtesy of some Microsoft intervention), whereas React (by Facebook) is a library and uses true JavaScript. 

One other key thing to highlight here is that Angular puts JavaScript in to HTML, whereas React puts HTML into JavaScript.

So which one is best…
They are very different and will appeal to different people for different reasons (bear with me, I am not trying to cop out of an answer!)

Angular (and its use of TypeScript) gives much for structure and guidance to the developer as it has more predefined functionality out of the box. From a company’s perspective this could prove beneficial, particularly when developing large/ enterprise scale solutions over a significant period of time. The pro’s in this scenario are by using a framework, there are predefined rules that all the developers work to. This also helps with continuity and supportability of the application. 

React however is much more open to interpretation and can be whatever the developer chooses it to be, only limited by what libraries are available (although there are React starter kits out there). This offers greater flexibility and opportunity to develop a solution truly designed for the task at hand.  The React ecosystem is one of the most interesting and progressive in the JavaScript world and is definitely worth taking in to consideration.

From my knowledge of the market, the majority are currently using Angular and asking for people with Angular skills. I believe the relative safety of a framework is much more appealing and React can be seen (rightly or wrongly) to open up all sorts of unknown possibilities.  Perhaps this will change over time, however from what I can see Angular is great for teams and React could be the sole developer’s weapon of choice.

Are you using Angular or React? Do you have a preference? See you in the comments…

Or have your say in our twitter poll... This post was written by Mike. Mike is a senior consultant here at Amsource Technology, operating in the .NET market. Find out more about him here.

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Hi I had a look at these not long ago and ended up settling for VueJS
Paul, 17 November 2016
Thanks for sharing Paul! We'll take a look :)
Amsource Tech, 21 November 2016
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