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Monday 11th September 2017

Amy joined Amsource Technology as a Recruitment Consultant in our Manchester office just over a month ago, in this blog she fills us in on her first month, what she has enjoyed and some of the challenges she has faced...

I have just completed my first month at Amsource Technology so I wanted to give an insight into my first few weeks as a Recruitment Consultant, what I have enjoyed and the challenges I have faced. 

I was one of four new starters who all started with Amsource at the beginning of August; it was great to begin this journey with the others who were all in the same boat and could relate. I graduated in Marine Biology last year from the University of Portsmouth, and quickly realised that science was not where I saw my career path so I moved myself back home to Cambridge. A few of my friends were already in recruitment so I began talking to them about the job; alongside my own research I was soon set on developing my career in recruitment. I had friends from university already living in Manchester and after falling in love with the city from my first visit, I put the two together, decided to work towards a recruitment role in Manchester.

At Amsource Technology, I specialise in the Testing market. I have really enjoyed learning about the different testing methods, technologies and tools that are major in the industry. Although for someone not originally from a techy background, it was at first a challenge to ensure I was referring to the technical lingo correctly. The Testing community has been really welcoming and I have enjoyed speaking to and meeting lots of interesting people. This month I have been learning the ropes and gaining practise on all aspects of the role. The job is very challenging and fast paced, but it is a challenge I thrive on. 

I knew I wanted to work for Amsource before I had even had my initial interviews with Luke and Andrew so, I was over the moon to be offered the job. I was drawn to Amsource for its core values and office culture, and it has not disappointed since I began. The training here really encourages you to have the confidence to go out and make those first calls, and the more questions you ask the better! I am looking forward to continuing my growth and contributing to the success of Amsource Technology.

Get in touch with Amy regarding Testing roles across the North West :

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