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Friday 20th May 2016

This week we went along to the annual Buy Yorkshire conference in Leeds, read all about it below...

Buy Yorkshire is the annual show-piece in Yorkshire and North of England business events calendar and this year marked the 6th year the conference has been around for.

Being a small business that was started and based in Leeds, it’s always been important to us to support fellow businesses in Yorkshire and to back the drive of the northern powerhouse, so when it came it attending the conference this year, it was really a no brainer.

There were over 185 businesses exhibiting at the conference, with over 20+ speakers and over 5,000 registered delegates in attendance.

We managed to go to a couple of the seminars taking place including…

Adele Cooper – UK country Manager of Pinterest
Adele’s seminar was all about how social media site Pinterest can be used in business to increase sales and brand engagement from their target audience. Users use Pinterest as a personal/project planning tool, they use Pinterest to open their mind to new products, recipes and life advice. Making it an excellent place for brands to showcase their products and services. Adele stated that 93% of Pinterest users do so to plan purchases of items they would like to buy, while 53% will click on a ‘Pin’ and make a purchase directly from seeing the image on the site. While Pinterest has proven to increase profits for B2C businesses, Adele also highlighted how B2B businesses who may not have a clear ‘tangible’ product to sell can benefit from Pinterest, which was also really interesting to hear about, especially as we are currently experimenting with new and engaging ways to connect with our candidates and clients.

Matt Woods – Product Manager, Internet of Things at Vodaphone
Matt’s seminar focused on the future of the workplace and how technology will play a key role in moving forward. Matt’s work involves him managing IoT and cloud at Vodaphone and provided us with insight from his experiences of using technology to develop the workplace, motivate and stimulate workers  - especially the workers  of the future, millennials and the looming generation ‘Z’. Matt says that for businesses to thrive they need to enrich they’re staff by supporting digital skills development, skills that will stand the test of time.

Angus McKenna – Head of Technology at Sky

As you may well be aware, Sky set up a brand new digital base in the last 12 months, here in Leeds. This created over 600 jobs in the digital sector. Angus’ seminar was all about how and why they chose Leeds as a new base for such a large chunk of their digital operations. As a technology recruiter based in Leeds we are well aware of the fantastic amount of tech talent available in our city and it’s obviously great to see big names like Sky recognising the opportunities for success here. Leeds now has the second largest number of digital roles outside of London and more start-ups and established tech companies are now seeing the attraction to locate here. 
Tamara Littlewood – CEO of Emoderation
Tamara provided a great talking on daring to be different in the way you run your business. In her case she leads an social and digital media organisation with around 350 people that are based all over the globe, and all work from home. Tamara outlined the importance of hiring the right profile of person and ensuring you have the right culture, taking into account differences in global as well as local cultures. Key to enabling collaborative working in this way was the use of social tools such as Slack, Yammer, Trello, Basecamp and toggl.  It was a really thought provoking talk about not just doing things because that’s how it’s always been done!
We also got to browse the many exhibiting stands of Yorkshire businesses showcasing their services. Having visited the events for the last couple of years we've seen the caliber and popularity of the event grow. We're already looking forward to seeing what 2017's conference has in store.

See more of our updates from the conference here.

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