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Wednesday 21st October 2015

On Thursday 15th October, we were delighted to be invited to the BCS Young Professionals Group event at Sheffield Hallam University.

Olivia Tan, who is the Student Engagement Coordinator at BCS, gave an introduction to the BCS, what they do and what potential benefits there are in becoming a member.The event aimed to demonstrate to existing and prospective BCS members how developing your career alongside the BCS can be both beneficial and enjoyable, and the areas within IT that they aimed to improve, which included healthcare, education, and IT recruitment/employ-ability.

We were then met by Andrew Seaton, a multi-award winning IT entrepreneur from Sheffield, and Mike Jervis, Development Manager at a software house in Sheffield. They each provided a presentation advising students and young professionals looking to pursue a career in the IT industry on interview tips, the benefits of joining the BCS, and what they look for in an interview. Andrew also spoke about how being a Charted IT Professional (CITP) with the BCS has helped him to present himself as a credible and ethical individual in a vast network of IT professionals.

We found the speakers to be both engaging and informative. 

We took the opportunity to speak to some of the under graduates that attended the event and were able to provide some (hopefully) useful guidance on potential career routes after graduation, and potential markets to tap into. It was really good to get a feel for the graduate tech talent emerging in Yorkshire, and we were really impressed by the level of enthusiasm that came across from the attendees and their eagerness to get ahead in a competitive IT market. 

We had a great chat with a final year university student called Will Sutherland, who is due to graduate in 2016. Will won a prize for scoring the top marks in his second year at Sheffield Hallam University, but he stood out to us because he spoke passionately about what he did and it was clear that he absolutely loved coding. This is something we always look to find in candidates, especially graduates, as our clients always tell us this is what will set a graduate candidate apart from their competition in an interview process. 

Andrew Shaw is the South Yorkshire representative of the British Computer Society Young professionals group, here's what he had to say about the event:

"I was really pleased with the way that the event went. It was great to see students and professionals networking and enjoying the event, and it is good that Amsource attended and are taking an interest in the development of students and professionals.

The speakers that we had at the event, including Olivia Tan (the Student Engagement Co-ordinator of the BCS), delivered some amazing talks which everyone found very interesting.

We decided to host a Young Professionals Group and student networking event at the South Yorkshire branch because we wanted to further develop both the Young Professionals Group and student communities within the BCS.

Myself and my colleague Eva are the Young Professionals Group representatives for South Yorkshire and we had made a great start with developing both communities, with the help from Olivia, by organising a Young Professionals Group talk last year, delivering talks to university student chapters and developing these links with the student chapters and young professionals that we had established.

We have received very positive feedback about the event and hope that we can organise some more Young Professionals and student networking events soon in the future. We would like to get more people on board and further develop both these communities within the BCS."

We look forward to attending more events with the BCS in the future. 

If you are a aspiring graduate developer, get in contact with David who will be happy to advise you on potential roles. / 0113 357 0444

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