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Thursday 3rd December 2015
We were recently invited to one of the monthly Agile Sheffield events by a Scrum Master that regularly attends similar events. As recruiters that are constantly recruiting for Agile tech professionals, we thought it would be a great opportunity to build up our market knowledge of Agile.

The event was hosted by Chris Roberts and Richard Joseph, two seasoned Agile gurus who gave a wonderful insight on both the practical and ideal uses of Agile. 

Chris is the Agile Delivery Manager for Home Office Digital, he talked us through his practical use of Agile, which was a great start to the evening as Chris is clearly very passionate about Agile and his enthusiasm rubbed off on all of us.

Richard is an Agile Coach current working towards a huge programme of work for the DWP. He spoke about the ideals of Agile, how it should be used and how to bring out the best in a team of Agilists. We thought this was great, super informative and interactive, and he got everybody thinking.

What we took from this was that Agile should be FUN and MOTIVATING, and that Agilists should leave their egos at the door for an effective collaboration. 
Something that both speakers emphasised is that Agile is people-centric, and central to every true Agile environment is treating people like humans rather than resources.

After this we were booted out of the building by the building manager, so our only option was to resume networking in the pub!

We came from the evening feeling a lot more knowledgeable about Agile. We met some great people and had a lot of fun, so we’ll definitely be attending Agile Sheffield again!

We’d like to thank Chris and Richard for being such great hosts and everyone we met for making it such a memorable evening. 

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