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Tuesday 11th June 2019

In June, some of the Amsource Tech team ventured to Berlin to host our first event in the city! 

The trip was a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand the synergetic, passionate tech community present in Berlin and to meet some of the individuals and companies driving the vibrant digital scene.

Why Berlin?

Berlin has always been an intriguing area of potential expansion for us here at Amsource Technology.

Recognised as one of Europe’s leading tech hubs, it’s been reported that a new start-up is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin! There is a huge amount of government support in driving a successful tech eco-system in the city, as well as a high number of prominent accelerators and incubators including Beyond 1435, Berlin Start and Start-up Incubator Berlin

This combined with factors such as quality of life and lower costs makes Berlin a great place to be based for growing tech businesses.

Upon research we found a number of notable growth areas in the city, especially within fintech and IoT as well as an increasing demand for DevOps professionals.

Why DevOps?

DevOps is one of the hottest job titles on the tech agenda at the moment globally. The advantages in efficiency, growth & scalability, and ultimate cost reduction mean that approaching a DevOps mindset is now one of the first positions that are considered amongst start-ups. 

Even businesses that traditionally were not necessarily tech-centric now rely heavily on technology, such is the world that we now live in. The result of this is that the most modern approach is deemed necessary. In addition to this, the most established businesses across Berlin are in need of modernising to maintain their advantage as much as possible and also look into modern collaboration between technology and business development operations.

This prompted our first Berlin desk specialising in DevOps. 

Right in the thick of Berlin Tech...

Our base over the course of our trip was in the famous Alexander Platz. Over the years Alexander Platz has become a hub for prominent start-up growth with names such as FinLeap, Ubermetrics and Hitfox group all choosing it as a base. Here we were also just one U-Bahn stop away from huge tech names such as Zalando, Hellofresh and growing fintech start-up N26.

It was great to get out and about, explore the city and meet those working in the tech sector and to hear from them what they like about being based in the German capital and more about different up and coming start-ups making a name for themselves in the city.

The hottest event of the year so far…(literally).

Our first event saw us team up with Applift. Applift are a multi-national mobile ad tech organisation that specialise in supporting apps and helping them reach optimum success. 

Our collaboration saw us come together to bring two key DevOps subjects to life.

Thiago Ribeiro de Jesus and Pablo Loschi (both DevOps Engineers at Applift) provided insight in to the world of Kubernetes and how they have used Kubernetes to solve business problems at Applift and how this has benefited them. Renato Losio of Funambol provided a talk around The future of relational databases and discussion around if the future is in fact serverless.

It was apparent at the event just how collaborative and passionate the tech community is in the city. Our event was held on the hottest day of the year with temperatures as high at 34 degrees yet still over 40 people keen to learn more about DevOps were in attendance.

Sam Langley, Head of DevOps Berlin said “All things considered (namely, the weather!) the event was a great success, with good turnout, good initial feedback, and a great venue (thanks Applift!). It was great to see the level of passion that people in the tech industry have for DevOps and getting involved in the Q&A at the end of both talks. 

The topics of the talks were at such a level that people without extensive knowledge of them or new to DevOps could relate, but also learn something new. The deeper technical areas of them meant that even the most experienced DevOps people could learn or have a discussion around them, and potentially pave the way for future success when they become more Senior, and influential personnel in their respective careers. Attendees varied from Junior Software Engineers, through to DevOps Engineers and even Directors of Technology.

“In future, we are looking at taking the target audience to a more Senior Level, where we can host an invitational dinner-type meetup. The focus will be on a business / strategical level regarding DevOps and the implementational or management aspects of the approach. We hope to see some of you again there! “

Managing Director of Amsource Technology Andrew Maeer said “As a business we are always looking to expand our unique services into new markets, and we think we fit the start-up ecosystem in Berlin perfectly.  We’re looking forward to further collaborations on events, and to build partnerships with key people.”

Stay tuned for information of our next DevOps Berlin taking place in September coming soon!
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