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Monday 11th July 2016
Over the last two years we have chosen Candlelighters as our nominated office charity.

Candlelighters (based at Leeds General Infirmary) was founded in 1976 by families and medical staff, and since then has continued to help support children with cancer and their families across Yorkshire.

They fund research, family holidays, and grants, essential additional services within the hospital and vital support for families battling children's cancer. They fund essential additional services from funding posts, to purchasing IT equipment, to building a state of the art Pavilion for families to take a break from the sounds and smells of the hospital. Whether they are supporting families financially, the Candlelighters team are always there for families both practically and emotionally. On top of all this Candlelighters plough hundreds of thousands of pounds each year into the research and study of children's cancer.

So far to date we have raised over four thousand pound for the charity. Our previous efforts have included a charity skydive, a silent email auction, numerous bake sales and yesterday we took part in the Leeds 10K.
Now, believe it or not we are not the most athletic of teams so we always knew it was going to be a challenge. Even with some training, nothing could really prepare us for how much of a struggle it would be on the day. But hey we did it! And everyone in the team managed to do it in under eighty minutes! Not bad at all.

We thought we would share with you our top 6 tips for running a 10K (when you’re not an experienced runner) that helped us tackle yesterday.

Start your training early…
Running continuously for a long period of time is a difficult task. So start your training as early as you can. Most training plans found online recommend to train 3-4 times per week on the build up for a 10k, and to steadily increase your distance and lower your time over a number of training sessions. Find more information here.

Wear running trainers…
Make sure when you’re training for your 10K that you wear appropriate running trainers. Running in just any old trainer could seriously limit your performance and also cause you injury, so if you’re serious about your run, it’s worth the investment. You can get good advice on which running shoe is best for you at any good sporting or running shop. Try this shop in Leeds, Runnersneed.

Get Sponsors…
Do it for charity! A lot of people find this really helps when suffering with lack of motivation to train for a run. If you know that people you know are supporting you and have generously dug deep into their pockets to support a charity because of the challenge you’ve set yourself it applies a little extra pressure to ensure you don’t let your supporters down. Visit JustGiving to kick start your fundraising.

Make a play list…
Don’t underestimate the power of a good playlist when carrying out your 10k run and whilst you’re doing your training for that matter. Make a playlist the length of time you want your running time to be and fill it with all the songs you know are going to motivate you and push you when you start to feel tired. Spotify is great for creating your own playlists but also has a fantastic catalog of running playlists that can sync to the speed and tempo of your run!

Just do it…
It’s mind over matter when it comes down to race day. The majority of people who have taken part in a 10k will tell you that when it comes to the main event they have ran better than they have in any training session. The adrenalin and support from the crowds along the way will push you further than you think.

Reward yourself…
Reward yourself by doing something nice after the race, you will have definitely earnt it. After we finished the Leeds10K we were really pleased to hear that Meat Liquor were offering a complimentary cocktail for anyone that had taken part in the race, so we definitely made the most of that offer. We also heard other restaurants in Leeds were offering discounts for runners, providing lot’s of options for participants looking to indulge after the race.

We really appreciated all the support we have received via our Justgiving page so far, we are now 48% off of our target of £700. If you have not yet donated but would like to support us, please click here

Some of the team have now got the 10k bug so stay tuned for details of their York 10K run.

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