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Thursday 5th October 2017

On Wednesday 27th Oct we hosted our 2nd Tech//Connect event of 2017 in Manchester. The event was focused on mobile development discussing Cross Platform apps (Xamarin) vs Native (iOS & Android).

We were joined by two presenters, Paul Johnson, A Xamarin enthusiast who has written a number of books on Xamarin applications (Xamarin Forms and Learning Rust) and Will Roberts, Managing Director of PixelBeard, a specialist mobile development agency who build mobile applications natively. 

The topic is a hugely debated subject in the tech world, with developers discussing which is the “better” way to build mobile applications, what the pros & cons are of each method, and the cost, time and aesthetics of each approach. We rounded up 45 developers to talk about their preferred way of working, with the hope of settling the debate once and for all. 

There was some healthy ‘debate’, shall we say, between the two presenters along with questions from the audience, which led to some great discussions around the pros and cons of how to build mobile apps.

On the conclusion of the talks, it was great to catch up with the attendees to hear their feedback, gather their opinions on the topics and see what the outcome was for them: Cross Platform or Native?

Commenting on the event, Luke Chapman, Senior Consultant at Amsource said “It was great to see such a great turnout for our latest Tech//Connect event, on a hotly debated topic.  We received some great feedback and it’s great for us here at Amsource to be able to support and give something back to the vibrant tech community here in Manchester.”

We'd love to see you at our next events and also really open to gathering ideas of what topics you would like to hear about. 

There's a number of ways you can ensure you attend our upcoming events: join our meetup group, register your interest via our website, or email us here.

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